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HTML or Text format Writer info melody sheet
Ireland Eamonn An Chnuic Trad / Samuel Lover Info
  Earl Of Errol Trad  
  Earl Richard Trad  
  Early Early All In The Spring Trad  
Scotland Early In The Morning Trad  
USA East Virginia Trad info
  Eastfield Archie Fisher
  Easy And Slow Dominic Behan  
  Ebeneezer Trad  
Scotland Eclipse Trad info
  Edmund In The Lowlands Trad  
  Edward Trad  
  Edward Trad  
  Edward Connors Trad  
  Eenst Upon A Time Trad  
  Eggs In Her Basket Trad  
  Eight Shillings A Week Trad  
Scotland Eight Three O Ian McCalman info
  Eighteenth Day Of June Trad  
  Eileen Aroon Cearbhaill O'dalaigh / Gerald Griffin  
  Ekka's Silver Jubilee Song Eric Bogle  
Ireland El Salvador Johnny Duhan Info
Ireland Election Song Colum Sands info
England The Elf-Knight / Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight Bob Johnson / Trad - Child #4 Info
  Ella's Song Bernice Johnson Reagon  
  Ellen Vannin Tragedy Trad / Francis K. Bosworth  
USA Elvis Was A Narc Pinkard & Bowden Info
Ireland Emigrant's Farewell Trad Info
  Encore Christy Moore
  Engine 143 Trad  
  Englewood Mine Isaac Hanna  
Scotland English Royal Family Jim McLean  
  Enniskillen Dragoons Trad / Tommy Makem
USA Entering Marion John Forster info
  Erchie Cathcairt A. McNaughtan  
  Eric And The Informers Eric Bogle  
  Erin Go Bragh Trad
  Erin Go Brath Peadar Kearney  
  Erin's Lovely Home Trad  
  Esikibo River Trad  
  Eskimo Republic Anon
  Euabalong Ball Trad  
  Euston Station Danney Ellis  
USA Evacuation Tom Paxton info
  Everybody Loves Saturday Night Anon  
  Everything Possible Fred Small  
Australia Evil Angels Judy Small info
Scotland Ewen And The Gold Brian McNeill info
  Excise Ballad Anon  
  Execution Of Montrose Trad  
  Exile Song Trad / Ewan McColl / Peggy Seeger  
Scotland Eyemouth Disaster John Watt info

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Celtic Folk Songs  

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fi Seppo J. Niemi's Irish Folk Lyrics in text format toptop
Celtic Folk Songs misc

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