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East Virginia

  • (Trad)
  • I was born in East Virginia
    North Carolina I did roam
    There I met a fair pretty maiden
    Her name and age I do not know

    Her hair it was of a brightsome colour
    And her lips of a ruby red
    On her breasts she wore white lilies
    There I longed to lay my head

    Well in my heart you are my darling
    At my door you are welcome in
    At my gate I'll meet you my darling
    If your love I could only win

    I'd rather be in some dark hollow
    Where the sun refused to shine
    Than to see you be another man's darling
    And to know you'll never be mine

    Well in the night I'm dreaming about you
    In the day I find no rest
    Just the thought of you my darling
    Sends aching pains all through my breast

    Well when I'm dead and in my coffin
    With my feet turned toward the sun
    Come and sit beside my darling
    Come and think on the way you done

    (as sung by Joan Baez)

Susannes´s Folksong-Notizen

  •  [1961:] There isn't too much we can say about this song, except that it is most typical of so many wild banjo pieces which are sung in the mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. (Reprint Sing Out 3, 147)

  •  [1979:] East Virginia war schon lange vor dem Folk-Revival [...] allgemein bekannt. Von Woody Guthrie gibt es einige Variationen ebenso wie von Pete Seeger, der es eines seiner beliebtesten traditionellen Volkslieder nennt. Diese Bearbeitung [mit der Strophe]

    I don't want your greenback dollar
    I don't want your watch and chain
    All I want is your heart, darling
    Say you'll take me back again

    ist auch unter dem Titel
    I don't want your millions, Mister
    bekannt. (Bursch 146)


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