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Scotland Ca' The Yowes #1, #2, #3 Robert Burns / Trad info
  Caillerch An Airgid Trad  
Scotland Caledonia I Tony Cuffe / Trad info
Scotland Caledonia II Dougie MacLean info
  Calico Printer's Clerk Trad  
Ireland Call And The Answer Phil Colclough Info
  Call It Freedom Dick Gaughan  
USA Call Me The Whale Paul Kaplan / Trad info
Scotland Caller Herrin' Neil Gow / Lady Nairne info
  Calling Joe Hill Ray Hearne  
England Calling-On Song Ashley Hutchings Info
  Calum 'sgaire Malcolm MacAuley  
Scotland Cam Ye By Athol Neil Gow / James Hogg info
Scotland Cam Ye O'er Frae France Trad
Scotland Camp In The Country Morris Blythman / Jim McLean / Nigel Denverinfo
Scotland Can O' Tea Matt McGinn info
  Can Y Gl™wr Dafydd Iwan / Trad  
Scotland Can Ye Sew Cushions Trad info
  Can't Do It No More Jim Reynolds  
  Can't Help Falling In Love George Weiss / Hugo Peretti / Luigi Creatore  
  Canadee-I-O Trad  
  Canan Nan Gaidheal Murdo Macfarlane  
Scotland Cancel Marie's Wedding Trad / Ian McCalman info
England Candlelight Fisherman Trad info
  Canny Miner Lad Trad  
  Canny Shepherd Laddies Trad  
England Capitalist Dream Jeremy Taylor  
England Captain Kidd Trad info
  Captain Thunderbolt Trad  
Scotland Captain Wedderburn's Courtship Trad info
  Captains And The Kings Brendan Behan  
  Car Song Woody Guthrie  
  Caroline Of Edinburgh Town Trad  
  Carrickfergus Trad  
  Carrion Crow Trad  
USA Carry It On Gil Turner  
Ireland Casey / lyrics removed, notes remain Martin Egan info
USA Casey's Last Ride Kris Kristofferson  
  Castle Of Dromore Trad / Harold Boulton  
Ireland Castle Of Drumboe Trad info
Australia The Castlereagh 'Banjo' Paterson info
  Castles In The Air Anne Swithinbank  
USA Cat's In The Cradle Harry Chapin info
Scotland Catch A Rainbow Ian Walker Info
  Catch Me If You Can Trad  
  Cauld Kail In Aberdeen Trad  
  Cause For Complaint Wynford Jones / Geri Thomas  
Scotland Caves In The Canyons Ian Davison info
  Celebrated Working Man Ed Foley  
  Celtic Hotel Robin Morton / Battlefield Band  
  Censor Song Vera Johnson  
  Centurion Harvey Andrews  
Scotland ? Chair At The Table Anon  
  Champion At Keeping 'em Rolling Trad / Ewan MacColl  
  Champion Of The Seas Trad / Bosworth  
  Chance As Good As Any Alan Reid / Brian McNeill  
Australia Charlesworth Bay Judy Small info
  Charley Mopps Anon  
  Charlie He's My Darling Robert Burns Trad / Lady Nairne ?  
England Cheeky Young Lad Harvey Andrews  
England Chemical Worker's Song Ron Angel info
  Cheshire Souling Song Trad  
  Chevaliers Muster Roll Trad  
  Chevy Chase Trad  
Scotland Chickens Trad / Iain C. MacKintosh info
  Chief's Return From War Trad  
Scotland Child On The Green Ian M. Bruce Info
Scotland Childhood's End Dick Gaughan  
  Children Of The Dole Tommy Sands  
USA Children Of The Eighties Joan Baez info
Scotland Cholesterol Adam McNaughtan Info
England Choose Your Time Allan Taylor
Scotland Christ Has My Hart, Ay Alan Reid / Trad  
England Christmas 1914 Mike Harding  
USA Cigarettes And Whisky Red Ingle  
  Cill Chais Trad  
  City Love Gill Bowman  
Ireland City Of Chicago Barry Moore Info
  City Of New Orleans Steve Goodman  
  Civil Rights Anthem Anon  
  Clarissa Jones Tom Paxton  
  Clear The Track Trad  
  Clerk Saunders Trad  
Ireland Cliches Michael MacConnell Info
  Cliffs Of Dooneen Trad  
  Clive's Song Clive Palmer / Hamish Imlach  
Ireland Clonakilty Blackpudding Jimmy Crowley Info
Ireland Close Your Eyes Rita Connolly  
Scotland Clyde's Water Trad info
England The Coal And Albert Berry Ted Edwards Info
  Cob-A-Coaling Trad  
Ireland Cobbler's Song Trad info
  Cobweb Of Dreams Joy Masefield / Leon Rosselson  
  Cock O' The North Dorothy Hewett  
  Cockfight Trad  
  Cockies Of Bungaree Trad  
  Cod Banging Trad  
  Cod Liver Oil Trad  
Scotland Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice Carl McDougall / Hamish Imlach / Ron Clark info
  Colcannon Trad  
  Cold And Raw Trad  
  Cold Blow And The Rainy Night Trad  
Canada Cold Missouri Waters James Keelaghan info
  Collier Lad Trad / Johnny Handle  
  Collier Laddie Trad  
England Collier Lass Trad Info
  Collier's Eight-Hour Day Trad  
  Collier's Rant Trad  
Scotland Collier's Way Davy Steele info
Scotland Colliery Gate Trad / Ian McCalman Info
 ? Colours Donovan Leitch  
  Come All Ye Loyal Heroes Trad  
Scotland Come All Ye Tramps And Hawkers Jimmy Henderson info
Scotland Come By The Hills W. Gordon Smith  
USA Come From The Heart Susanna Clark / Richard Leigh
Scotland Come Kiss Me Love Trad info
England Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl Trad  
  Come Live With Me Ewan MacColl  
  Come Now, Begin Delving Trad  
  Come On Home To The County Down Tommy Sands  
  Come With Me Over The Mountain Andy Irvine  
  Comin' Through The Rye Trad  
  Coming Hame The Ither Night James Curran  
  Coming Of The Wee Malkies Stephen Mulrine  
Scotland Companeros Ewan MacColl info
England Company Policy Martin Carthy info
  Coney Island Washboard Trad  
  Connemara Cradle Song Trad  
  Connolly Was There Dominic Behan  
  Constant Lovers Trad  
  Contract Eric Bogle  
  Convict's Song Trad  
Scotland Coorie Doon Matt McGinn Info
  Copshawholme Fair Trad  
  Corncrake Amang The Whinny Knowes Trad  
  Cornflakes Sugar Teardrops Shel Silverstein / Alan Ribbeck  
USA The Red Corvette John McCutcheon Info
Scotland Coulter's Candy Trad info
  Country Fair James Keelaghan  
  Country Life Trad  
  County Of Mayo Trad  
  Courting In The Kitchen Trad  
England Coventry Carol Robert Croo Info
  Cowes Capers Jim Mclean  
  Coal Not Dole Kay Sutcliffe / John Goss  
  Coast Of Peru Trad  
  Coasts Of Barbary Trad  
  Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man Barney Rush  
Ireland Craigie Hill Trad Info
England Crazy Man Allan Taylor  
Ireland Crooked Jack Trad / Dominic Behan Info
  Croppy Boy Trad  
  Croydon Canal Trad  
Scotland Cruel Brother Trad Info
 ? Cruel Mother Trad  
England Cruel Ship's Captain Trad Info
  Cruel Wars Trad  
  Cruiscin Lan Trad  
England Cruising Round Yarmouth Trad  
England Crying Inside Heather Jones / Liz Fordek info
USA Cuckoo Trad Info
Scotland Cuillins Of Home Trad  
  Cunla Trad  
Scotland Curragh Of Kildare Robert Burns info
England Cushie Butterfield George Ridley info
England the  Cutty Wren Trad info

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Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
The Cluster of Nuts
Cold Haily Rainy Night
Courtin' in the Kitchen
The Cruel Miller
The Cuckoo (i)
The Cuckoo (ii)
Cushie Butterfield

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