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D - Index
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  D-Day Dodgers Hamish Henderson / Norbert Schultze Info
  Da Sang O' Da Papa Men Trad / Thomas Robertson  
England Daddy What Did You Do In The Strike Ewan MacColl Info
  Daddy What If Shel Silverstein  
  Dainty Davy Trad  
England Dalesman's Litany Keddie / Trad info
Canada Dance As You Go Colleen Eccleston  
USA Dance Band On The Titanic Harry Chapin info
  Dance The Flora Trad  
  Dance To Your Daddie Trad  
England Dancers Of Stanton Drew Parker / Holland info
England Dancing At Whitsun John Austin Marshall info
England Dancing Days John Connolly / Bill Meek  
  Dandy And The Beano Sheena Wellington  
  Danger Waters Jacob Browne  
  Danny Farrell Pete St. John  
  Danny Lannie And His Heavy China Ewan McVicar  
Ireland Darby O'Leary Trad Info
Scotland Darien Alan Reid info
  Dark Eyed Gypsy Trad  
  Dark Eyed Molly Archie Fisher  
  Dark Eyed Sailor Trad  
? Dark Iniseoghain Trad  
Scotland Dark Island Ian MacLachlan / W. Gordon Smith Info
Scotland Dark Lochnagar Lord Byron / Trad info
 ? Darkness In The Valley Allan Taylor  
  Dau Rosyn Coch Trad  
  Davis And Golightly Jez Lowe  
  Davy Lowston Trad  
  Day Before The War Robb Johnson  
England Day Trip To Bangor Debbie Cook info
Ireland Day We Won The All Ireland Tommy Sands info
  De'il's Awa Wi' Th' Exciseman Robert Burns  
USA Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun ?  
  Deadly Wars ?  
  Dean Cadalan Samhach Iain MacMhurchaidh  
USA Dear Abby John Prine info
  Dear Green Place Adam McNaughtan  
  Dear Green Place Alan Reid  
Ireland Dear Uncle Sam Colum Sands info
England Death Come Easy Harvey Andrews  
Scotland Death Of Queen Jane Trad info
  Death Of Richard-An-Iarainn Shaun Davey  
USA Death Of Stephen Biko Tom Paxton info
  Death Of Young Andrew Trad  
  Dedication Day Eric Bogle  
USA Deep Blue Sea Trad info
  Defence Of Hen's Castle Shaun Davey  
Ireland Delirium Tremens #1 + #2 Christy Moore info
  Demon Lover Trad Child 243  
  Dennis O'reilly Trad  
USA Deportees Woody Guthrie / Martin Hoffman Info
  Depth Of My Ego Matt McGinn  
  Derby Ram Trad  
  Derbyshire Hugh Jones  
  Derry Gaol Trad  
  Derwentwater's Farewell Trad / Robert Surtees  
  Deuk's Dang O'er My Daddy Trad / Robert Burns  
Scotland Devil Uisge Beatha Alan Reid info
Scotland Devil's Only Daughter Brian McNeill info
Scotland Devolution Anthem Ian McCalman info
Dia Luain Dia Mairt Trad  
England Dialogue Between The Coal-Owner
And The Poor Pitman's Wife
William Hornsby info
  Dic Penderyn John Stuart Williams / Geoff Cripps  
  Dicey Riley Dominic Behan  
  Dido Trad  
  Died For Love Trad  
  Different Kind Of Love Song Dick Gaughan  
  Diggers' Legacy Eric Bogle  
  Diglake Fields    
  Dimming Of The Day Richard Thompson  
Scotland Ding Dong Dollar Morris Blythman / John Mack Smith / Jim McLean info
Ireland Dinny The Piper Trad info
Ireland Directions Colum Sands  
England Dirty Old Town Ewan MacColl info
  Dives And Lazarus Trad info
  Do Let Me Go Trad  
  Do Re Mi Woody Guthrie  
  Do Ye Fancy A Virgin Thomas d'Urfey  
  Do You Love An Apple Trad  
  Do You Remember Leon Rosselson  
Scotland Do You See My Face Ian Walker Info
  Do You Think That I Do Not Know Henry Lawson / Chris Kempster  
Ireland Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down Trad Info
  Do-It-Yourself Divorce Vera Johnson  
  Doffing Mistress Trad  
  Dollia Trad  
England Domeama Trad info
  Dominion Of The Sword Trad / Martin Carthy  
Ireland Don't Call Me Early In The Morning Tommy Sands info
England Don't Get Married Girls Leon Rosselson Info
England Don't Go Out Tonight Dear Father Anon info
USA Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun John Hartford  
England Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands Richard Thompson Info
  Don't Think Twice, it's All Right Bob Dylan  
Scotland Don't Turn The Key Ian Walker Info
Scotland Don't Waste Ma Time Nancy Nicolson Info
Scotland Don't You Put Me Down Alex Campbell  
  Donal Don Trad  
  Donal Og Trad  
  Donald MacDonald James Hogg  
Scotland Donald MacGillavry James Hogg info
USA Done Laid Around Trad info
USA Doney Gal Trad info
  Donibristle Mine Disaster Trad  
  Donkey Riding Trad  
Scotland Doomsday In The Afternoon John McCreadie info link to #13 
at http://www.scotiabar.org/music/living_with_the_legend/...  # 13_doomsday_in_the_afternoon.mp3
Scotland Doon In The Wee Room Trad / Daniel McLaughlin info link to #14 
at  http://www.scotiabar.org/music/living_with_the_legend/... # 14_doon_in_the_wee_room.mp3
Scotland Dottered Auld Carle Trad info
Scotland The Dove Trad / Ewan MacColl info
  Dowie Dens Of Yarrow Trad  
  Down By The Glenside Trad  
  Down By The Old Embankment Steve Ashley  
  Down By The Riverside Trad  
  Down By The Sally Gardens Trad / William Butler Yeats  
England Down In The Coal Mine Trad / J. B. Geoghegan Info
  Down In The Mines Merle Travis  
Ireland Down The River Tommy Sands info
  Down Upon The Dugout Floor Jim Boyes  
England Down Where The Drunkards Roll Richard Thompson  
  Downshifting Harvey Andrews  
England Downtrodden Landlord T. Wolfe info
  Draglines Deborah Silverstein  
  Dreadnought Trad  
  Dream Of Tommy Bouch Neil MacLeod  
Scotland Dreg Song #1 Trad info
  Dreg Song #2 Trad  
Scotland Dressed To Kill Davy Steele  
  Drink Down The Moon Trad  
  Drinkin's O'Er Risky Trad / Alex Campbell  
  Drive The Cold Winter Away Trad  
  Driver's Song Ewan MacColl  
Australia Drover's Dream Trad Info
  Droylesden Wakes Trad  
Scotland Drumchapel Mist Anon info
Scotland Drumdelgie Trad Info
  Drumin Donn Dilis Trad  
  Drunk Drunk Again Anon / Peter Ross  
  Drunk Rent Collector Trad  
  Drunken Sailor Trad  
  Dt'igeas A Damsha Trad  
  Dubhdarra Shaun Davey  
Ireland Dublin Jack Of All Trades O'Cochlainn info
  Dubliners David McDonagh  
  Dulaman Trad  
England Dulce Et Decorum Est Kevin Littlewood info
  Duncan Davison Trad / Robert Burns  
  Dundee Ghost Matt McGinn  
  Dundee Lassie Mary Brooksbank  
  Dundee Weaver Trad  
  Dunlavin Green Trad  
  Dunn Trad  
  Durham Big Meetin' Day Johnny Handle  
  Durham Lockout Tommy Armstrong / Trad  
  Dusty Miller Robert Burns  
USA Dutchman M. Smith info
Ireland Dying Soldier Ger Costelloe Info

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