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  L. A. Freeway Guy Clark  
  La-Di-Dum Rikki Fulton  
  Lack Of Jolly Ploughboys Robb Johnson  
England Ladies Are The Loving Kind Allan Taylor  
Scotland Ladies' Evening Song Trad / James Hogg Info
  Lads Among The Heather Trad / Anderson  
  Lads O' The Fair Brian McNeill  
  Lady Chat Jim McLean  
  Lady Diamond Trad  
Scotland Lady Glasgow Brian McNeill Info
Scotland Lady Keith's Lament Trad Info
Ireland Lady Leroy Trad Info
  Lady Of Pleasure Allan Taylor  
England Lag Song Ewan MacColl Info
Scotland Laird O' Drum Trad Info
  Laird O' The Dainty Doonby Trad  
  Laird O' Warriston Trad  
Scotland Laird O' Windy Wa's Trad Info
Scotland Laird's Prayer Jim McLean  
  Lakes Of Pontchartrain Trad  
  Lakes Of Shillin Trad  
Ireland Lambs On The Green Hills Trad Info
Scotland Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket Margaret Hamilton Info
England Lament For The Death Of A Nobody Ewan MacColl Info
Scotland Lament For The Gordons Danny Kyle / Anon Info
  Lament For The Hull Trawlers Ewan MacColl / Frankie Armstrong  
  Lamorna Trad  
England Lancashire Lads Trad Info
USA The Land Knows You're There Leanne Hinton Info
Scotland Land O' The Leal Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne Info
England Land Of The North Wind Allan Taylor Info
  Lang Johnnie Moir Trad  
  Language Of The Land Enda Kenny  
  Lanigan's Ball Cavan / Moore  
Scotland Lark And The Bowman Davy Steele Info
  Lark In The Morning Trad  
  Lass From The Low Country Trad  
  Lass Of Ecclefechan Robert Burns  
  Lass Of The Moorland Hills Trad  
Scotland Lassie Lie Near Me Trad Info
  Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie James Duff  
Last Farewell To Stirling Trad Info
  Last House In Our Street Colum Sands  
USA Last Minstrel Show Bob Coltman Info
England Last Of The Great Whales Andy Barnes Info
England Last Ploughshare John Conolly  
USA Last Stand Harry Chapin  
USA Last Thing On My Mind Tom Paxton Info
England Launderette Song John Kirkpatrick  
  Laverock Sang Brian McNeill  
  Lea Rig Robert Burns  
  Leaboy's Lassie Trad  
  Least We Can Do Gerry Murray  
England Leave Her Johnny Trad  
England Leave Them A Flower (Wally Whyton) Info
Scotland Leave Us Our Glens George Donald / Buff Hardie Info
  Leaving Home Harvey Andrews  
  Leaving In The Morning Eric Bogle  
  Leaving London Tom Paxton  
Leaving Nancy Eric Bogle Info
England Leaving Of Liverpool Trad Info
USA Leaving On A Jet Plane John Denver Info
Australia Leaving The Land Eric Bogle  
  Leeds A Seaport Town Trad  
Scotland Leezy Lindsay Trad  
Scotland Leis A Lurighan Trad Info
  Leitrim Queen Trad  
USA Lemon Tree Will Holt  
  Leprauchan Trad  
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Trad  
Scotland Let Ramensky Go Roddy Mcmillan Info
  Let The Bulgine Run Trad  
  Let Your Hair Hang Down Leon Rosselson  
England Let's Do It Victoria Wood Info
sco Lewis Bridal Song Hugh S. Roberton yes
England Libertas Ragusa Allan Taylor Info
USA Life Tom Paxton  
  Life ! Harvey Andrews  
  Lifeboat Mona Peggy Seeger  
  Light Dragoon Trad  
  Light Years Away Tommy Thompson / Stretch Herrick  
Ireland Lights Across The Bay Phil & June Colclough / Alec Finn  
Lily Of The West Trad Info
USA Lily The Pink Trad / Iain C. MacKintosh / Hamish Imlach Info
  Lime Juice Ship Trad  
  Limerick Rake Trad  
England Lincolnshire Poacher Trad Info
  Lincolnshire Shepherd Trad / Jesse Baggaley  
  Lindsay Archie Fisher  
  Lion And The Glove Adam McNaughtan  
Scotland Lion On The Gold Gordon Menzies Info
Scotland Lion, The Trad / Lumsden / Ian McCalman Info
  Liostail Me Le Sairsint Trad  
  Lisdoonvarna Christy Moore  
  Listen Mr Bilbo Pete Seeger ?  
  Little Beggarman Trad  
USA Little Bitty Gun Tom Paxton Info
USA Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds Info
Ireland Little Drummer Boy Michael MacConnell Info
  Little Duke Arthur's Nurse Trad  
USA Little Maggie Trad Info
USA Little Man You've Had A Busy Day Mabel Wayne Info
  Little Mother Anon  
  Little Musgrave Trad  
  Little Pack Of Tailors Trad  
England Little Plastic Packs Richard Stilligoe Info
USA Little Red Hen Malvina Reynolds  
England Little Sally Rackett Trad Info
  Little Sunday School Trad  
Little Town Called Tonder Eric Bogle Info
  Liverpool Barrer Boy Trad / Molly Armstrong  
England Liverpool Lou Dominic Behan Info
England Liverpool Lullaby Trad / Stan Kelly  
USA Liz Shel Silverstein Info
  Lloyd George Sean O'Callaghan  
Scotland Loch Lomond Trad Info
Scotland Banks O' Loch Lomond Trad Info
Scotland Lochnagar Lord Byron / Trad Info
Scotland Loch Ness Monster Iain C. MacKintosh / Hamish Imlach Info
  Loch Tay Boat Song Trad  
  Lochs Of The Tay James Malcolm  
  Lock The Door Lariston James Hogg  
  Locks And Bolts Trad  
  Logie O' Buchan Trad  
  London's Ordinary Anon  
  Lonely One Finbar Furey  
  Long Ago, Far Away Harvey Andrews  
  Long Black Veil Marijohn Wilkin / Danny Dill  
  Long March To Derry Anon  
Ireland Long Road To Perfection Colum Sands  
  Long Time Travelling Trad  
  Look Over The Hill And Far Away Gerry Rafferty  
Ireland Look To The People Ruth Pelham  
  Looking For A Job Ewan MacColl  
England Looly Looly Trad / Robert Graves Info
England Lord Franklin Trad Info
  Lord Gordon's Kitchen Boy Trad  
  Lord Gregory Trad  
  Lord Gregory ?? Lass Of Roch Royal ??? Trad  
  Lord Lovell Trad  
England Lord Marlborough Trad Info
  Lord Of The Dance Sydney Carter  
  Lord Randal Trad  
  Lord Thomas And Fair Ellen Trad  
  Lord Will Provide Trad  
  Lord William And Lady Margaret ???
lord Thomas & Fair Ellen???
  Lord Yester Roy Williamson / George Weir  
  Lough Erne Shore Trad  
  Louisiana Randy Newman  
Scotland Love And Freedom Mary Brooksbank Info
  Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word Bob Dylan  
Ireland Love Is Teasing Trad Info
England Love Song Victoria Wood Info
USA Love's Gonna Carry Us Fred Small Info
  Lovely Ann Trad  
England Lovely Joan Trad Info
  Lovely Nancy I Trad  
  Lovely Nancy Ii Trad  
  Loves The Rising Sun Nick Keir  
USA Loving Hanne Trad Info
  Lowlands Trad  
  Lowlands Of Holland Trad  
  Lucky Wee Prince Charlie Anon  
  Lucy Wan Trad  
USA Ludlow Massacre Woody Guthrie Info
Ireland Luke - A Tribute Miche l O'Caoimh  
  Lullabies, Legends And Lies Shel Silverstein / add. lyrics Iain C. MacKintosh  
  Lullaby Harvey Andrews  
  Lyke-Wake Dirge Trad  
USA Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation Tom Paxton Info

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Celtic Folk Songs  

The Lass of Lochroyan
Little Musgrave
Lord Randal
Lord Thomas and Fair Annet
Love is Pleasing
The Lowlands of Holland (i)
The Lowlands of Holland (ii)

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