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Eyemouth Disaster

  • John Watt
  • Two score and five sailed out that day
    For the deep hole they were bound
    With all sails set from Eyemouth Bay
    None better could be found
    And fourteen score o' fishers brave
    Sent out one heart felt plea
    That they'd be spared upon the waves
    To reap white fish from the sea

    Three leagues from shore well the lines were cast
    And the wind it held its breath
    The sails hung limp on every mast
    And the sea as still as death
    But death was the bride that cam' at noon
    Cut the ribbons frae the creels
    'Twas a raging wave hit Eyemouth toon
    And took her bonnie chiels

    From the Orkneys to the Channel Isles
    On that October day
    The wind it blew a thousand miles
    From Hoy to Newlyn Bay
    And seven score mothers' sons and nine
    They died off Eyemouth Shore
    Those bonnie boys that held the line
    Would plough the waves no more

    And the grinding turn of the hearse wheel
    In October '81
    Made every man and woman kneel
    In prayer for Eyemouth sons
    For this was the price they had to pay
    The living and the dead
    And the price that Eyemouth paid that day
    To earn her daily bread

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher)

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