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The English Royal Family

  • Jim McLean
  • How many more did we have in Sixty-four
    Of the English Royal family
    The Queen she had four, with expenses for a score
    Of the English Royal family
    Margaret is doing her best trying to keep up with the rest
    Did she have a little girl or boy
    Did Viscount Linley have a brother? Does it matter? It's another
    Of the English Royal family

    Marina - time to change Marina ...

    The Duke of Kent believed that his wife should conceive
    For the English Royal family
    So out in Hongkong they increased the merry throng
    Of the English Royal family
    But up in Scotland there's the rub, guess who joined the puddin' club
    Princess Alexandra
    So princes, dukes and peers as well help to increase and to swell
    The English Royal family

    Oysters - don't forget the oysters ...

    (as sung by Nigel Denver)

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