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  Rabbit Trad  
Ireland Raglan Road Trad / Patrick Kavanagh
  Railroad Boy Trad
  Rain Or Shine Trad  
  Rainbow Trad  
  Rambleaway Trad  
Ireland Rambler From Clare Trad
  Ramblin' Robin Trad  
  Ramblin' Rover Andy M. Stewart  
USA Rambling Boy Tom Paxton
Ireland Rangy Ribs I Bought From Micky Doo Brian McGinnis
  Rantin' Rovin' Robin Robert Burns  
  Rap Her To Bank Trad  
  Rap Tap Tap Matt McGinn  
Scotland Rares Hill Trad -
USA Rats Are Winning Charlie King -
  Rattlin' Bog Trad  
  Rattlin' Roarin' Willie Trad  
  Ravenscraig Calum MacDonald / Rory MacDonald  
  Ready For The Storm Dougie MacLean  
  Real Old Mountain Dew Trad  
  Reason For It All Eric Bogle  
  Recruited Collier Trad  
  Recruiting Sergeant Seamus O'Farrell / Trad  
Scotland Recruiting Service Drum Robert Tannahill
  Red Dog Trad  
  Red Fox Trad  
Australia Red Heart Eric Bogle  
Canada Red River Rising James Keelaghan
  Red Roses For Me Sean O'Casey  
  Red Yo-Yo Matt McGinn  
Ireland Red-Haired Man's Wife Trad -
  Reel O' Stumpie Trad / Robert Burns  
  Reign Of The Fair Maid Trad / Jake Walton  
  Reivers Galley Roy Williamson  
Scotland Remember John MacLean John McGrath
  Remember Me Ian Campbell  
  Remembrance Day 1992 John Tams / William Horsley  
  Remote Control Watt Nicoll  
  Reprobate's Lament Trad / B. Hill  
  Requiem Harvey Andrews  
  Restless Farewell Bob Dylan  
  Reuben Ranzo Trad  
  Revolution Joseph Bovshover  
Australia Revolution's Here Judy Small
England Reynard The Fox Trad
  Reynardine Trad
  Rhynie Trad  
  Rich And The Poor Wally Whyton  
  Rich Irish Lady Trad  
  Rich Man's Paradise Matt McGinn  
  Rick Rack Gerry Rafferty  
Scotland Riddles Wisely Expounded Trad
  Ride On Jimmy Mccarthy  
  Riding Down The Castlereagh Banjo Paterson  
Ireland Right Will Conquer Might Tommy Sands
  Rights Of Man Anon  
  Rigs O' Rye Trad  
  Rigs Of London Town Trad  
  Ring Of Iron Graeme Miles  
  Rio Grande Trad  
Ireland Ripples In The Rockpools Shaun Davey  
  Rise Up Jock Bob & Carole Pegg  
Scotland Rise! Rise! Lowland And Highland Men Ian McCalman / James Hogg
Ireland Rising Of The Moon John Keegan Casey  
  River Bill Staines  
Canada River Run James Keelaghan
  River's Invitation Percy Mayfield  
Scotland Road To Dundee Trad
  Robbie Dear Alex Campbell  
Scotland Robin Tamson's Smiddy Alexander Rodger  
  Rock And The Tide Brian McNeill  
  Rock Island Line Huddie Ledbetter  
  Rock On Rockall Brian Warfield  
  Rockin' The Cradle Trad  
  Rocky Road To Dublin Trad  
  Roddy Mccorley Trad / Ethna Carberry  
  Roger O'Hehir Trad / Andy Irvine  
  Roisin Dhu Trad  
  Roll Alabama Trad  
  Roll Her Down The Bay Trad  
  Roll Me In Your Arms Lester Simpson  
USA Roll On Columbia Woody Guthrie / Michael Loring
England Roll On The Day Allan Taylor
  Roll That Boulder Away Rod Paterson  
USA Rollin' Randy Newman -
Scotland Rolling Hills Of The Borders Matt McGinn
England Rolling Home John Tams
Scotland Romeo And Juliet Stan Kelly
  Romeo And Juliet In Sarajevo Eric Bogle  
  Roome For Companie Trad  
Scotland Rory Murphy Trad  
Ireland Rory O'Moore Samuel Lover
England Rosa's Lovely Daughters Robb Johnson
  Roscarbery Anon  
England Rose Of Allandale Trad
England Rose Of York Ken Thompson / Leslie Hale
  Rosebuds In June Trad  
  Rosemary ?  
USA Roses From The Wrong Man Christine Lavin
Scotland Roses In December Ian Walker
  Roses Of Prince Charlie Ronnie Browne  
  Rosie Anderson Trad  
  Rosin The Bow Trad  
  Rother Sing A Don Song Ray Hearne  
Scotland Rothesay-O Trad
Scotland The Roving Dies Hard Brian McNeill
  Roving Irishman Trad  
  Roving Journeyman Trad / John MacDonald  
Scotland Roving Ploughboy Trad
  Row Between The Cages Tommy Armstrong  
  Row Bullies Row Trad  
  Roy's Wife Of Aldivalloch Mrs Grant  
  Royal Horses Jim McLean  
England Rubenstein Remembers Ewen Carruthers Info
  Rue And The Thyme Trad  
England Run The Film Backwards Sydney Carter
  Rushes Green Trad  

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Celtic Folk Songs  

The Ranting Dog
Rare Willie
Ratcliffe Highway
The Recruited Collier
Richies Lady
Ripest Apples
The Rising of the Moon
Rob Roy
Rocking the Cradle
Rolling in the Dew (i)
Rolling in the Dew (ii)

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Celtic Folk Songs

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