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Election Song

  • Colum Sands
  • Vote, vote, whoever you may be
    Make good use of democracy
    And I'll love you whoever you may be
    Just so long as you vote for me

    Election time is here once more
    It's four long years since I've seen your door
    The opposition we must defeat
    For I'd rather lose my head than lose my seat

    I'm a man for the people - whoever they are
    So make sure who you're voting for
    You vote for me, I'll work for you
    You needn't work, you can stay on the broo

    I got your vote and I've won my seat
    Now I'm off to Spain to give myself a treat
    But I'm thinking of you all and a prayer I do say
    That you'll vote for me again next election day

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] As Bruce (Utah) Phillips is fond of saying, "If elections could really change anything, they'd be illegal!" (Art Thieme,, 29 July)

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