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  Jack Ashore Trad  
England Jack Orion Trad / Ad. A. L. Lloyd
  Jack The Lad John Pole  
USA Jackaroe Trad
  Jackets Green Trad  
  Jackhammer John Woody Guthrie  
England Jackie Monroe Trad
Ireland Jail Of Cluan Meala Trad
Ireland James Connolly I Arthur Patrick Galvin
Ireland  James Connolly II Trad
  Jamie Robert Burns  
Scotland Jamie Foyers Trad / Ewan MacColl
  Jamie Raeburn Trad  
  Jamie Telfer O' The Fair Dodhead Trad  
  Jane And Louisa Trad  
  Janetta ??? Matt McGinn  
England January Man Dave Goulder
  January Snows Ray Hearne  
  Jar Of Porter Trad  
  Jean Harlow Huddie Ledbetter  
  Jeannie C. Stan Rogers 
  Jeannie Gallacher Matt McGinn  
Scotland Jeannie MacPherson Trad  
Scotland Jeannie My Dear Trad
England Jenkins History Frank Hennessy
  Jenny Dang The Weaver Alexander Boswell/rev. Gardner  
  Jenny Jenkins Trad  
Scotland Jenny Lasswade Ian McCalman  
  Jeremiah Blow The Fire Trad  
  Jim Jones Trad  
USA Jimmy Clay Patrick Sky  
USA Jimmy Newman Tom Paxton
England Jimmy's Song Allan Taylor
  Jock Hawk's Adventures In Glasgow Trad  
  Jock O'hazeldean Trad / Sir Walter Scott  
  Jock Since Ever I Saw Your Face Trad  
Ireland Jock Stewart Trad yes
  Jock The Can Alan Reid  
  Joe Dempsey Billy Connolly  
USA Joe Hill Earl Robinson / Alfred Hayes
Ireland Joe McCann Eamon O'Doherty
  John Anderson My Jo Robert Burns  
  John Appleby Anon  
  John Barleycorn Trad  
Scotland John Gordon Trad  
  John Grumlie Trad  
  John Hamilton Trad  
  John Hurt Tom Paxton / Ad. Hans Theessink  
Scotland John MacLean's March Hamish Henderson
Scotland John O'Hazelgreen Trad
England John Of Dreams Bill Caddick
  John Peel Trad / John Woodcock Graves  
USA John Riley I Ricky Neff / Trad
  John Riley II Trad  
Scotland Johnny Cope Adam Skirving
Ireland Johnny Gallagher Trad
Ireland Johnny I Hardly Knew You Trad
Ireland Johnny Jump Up Trad
  Johnny Lad Trad  
Ireland Johnny Lovely Johnny Trad
  Johnny McEldoo Trad  
  Johnny McGory Pete St. John  
England Johnny Miner Ed Pickford
  Johnny My Man Trad  
Scotland Johnny O'Breadislee Trad
  Johnny Ra Trad  
  Johnny Sangster William Scott  
  Johnny Todd Trad  
Ireland Johnston's Motor Car Trad / William Gillespie
  Jolly Beggar Trad  
  Jolly Beggar Trad  
  Jolly Good Ale And Old John Still  
  Jolly Herring Trad  
  Jolly Soldier Trad  
  Jolly Waggoners Trad  
England Jones's Ale Trad
  Jordan Trad  
  Journey Harvey Andrews  
Ireland Joxer Goes To Stuttgart Christy Moore
  Joy Of Living Ewan MacColl  
  Joy Of My Heart Trad / Hugh S. Roberton  
  Judy Drownded Trad  
  Jug O' Punch Trad / Francis McPeake  
  Just As The Tide Was Flowing Trad  
Scotland Just Made It Legal Watt Nicoll
Scotland Jute Mill Song Mary Brooksbank

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Celtic Folk Songs  

Jack the Jolly Tar
John Anderson
Johnny Has Gone
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
O Johnny, Johnny
The Jolly Beggar
The Jug of Punch

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