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Early In The Morning

  • (Trad)

    Early in the morning, early in the morning
    Early in the morning afore the break of day

    Well, a-hi diddle diddle and the cat did a piddle
    In the middle of the kitchen floor
    And a wee dog laughed to see such fun
    So the cat did a little bittle more

    Now the little birds are flying high
    They're dropping rough eggs from the sky
    The angry farmer wipes his eye
    Thanks a lot that cows don't fly

    Old Georgie Porgy, puddin' and pie
    Kissed all girls and he made them cry
    When the boys came out to play
    He kissed them too 'cause he's funny that way

    A little Miss Moffett sits on a toffet
    And her knickers all tattered and torn
    It isn't a spider there beside her
    But Little Boy Blue with a horn

    As sung by Watt Nicoll

    Tune: William Brown

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