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  Fa, Fa, Fa Wid Be A Bobby Trad  
  Faces And Places Tom Paxton  
USA Factory Girl Trad info
  Faggot Cutter Trad  
  Fair Maid Of London Town Trad  
Scotland Fairfield Crane Archie Fisher / Norman Buchan / Bobby Campbell info
Scotland Faithful Johnny Trad info
  Falkirk Tryste Nick Keir  
England Falklands Song Trad / Mabsant info
  Fallaldy Ronnie Browne / Trad  
  False False Hae Ye Been Trad  
  False Knight On The Road Trad  
Australia Family Maiden Aunt Judy Small info
England Family Of Man Fred 'karl' Dallas info
  Famine Song Trad  
England Famous Flower Of Serving Men Laurence Price / Ad. Martin Carthy info
  Famous Working Man Jez Lowe  
  Fan-A-Winnow Trad  
Ireland Fanad Mare Trad  
  Fanny Blair Trad  
Scotland Far Down The Line
Far Down The Line
Nick Keir
  Far Fairer She Trad  
  Far Over The Forth Trad  
England Faraway Tom Dave Goulder ?  
  Fare Thee Well Cold Winter Trad  
  Fareweel Fareweel Trad  
  Farewell Angelina Bob Dylan  
  Farewell Nancy Trad  
  Farewell Tae The Haven Davy Steele  
  Farewell The Faroes Trad / Ian McCalman  
  Farewell To Ballymony Trad  
Ireland Farewell To Carlingford Tommy Makem  
  Farewell To Cotia Jock Purdom  
  Farewell To Fuinary Norman MacLeod  
  Farewell To Glasgow City Alex Campbell  
Farewell To Nova Scotia Trad Info
Scotland Farewell To Sicily James Robertson / Hamish Henderson Info
Scotland Farewell To Tarwathie George Scroggie info
  Farewell To The Brine Trad  
nz Farewell To The Gold Paul Metsers info
  Farewell To The Monty Louis Killen / Johnny Handle  
wales Farewell To The Rhondda Frank Hennessy info
Farewell to Whisky Trad
Scotland Farm Auction Enoch Kent info
  Father Adam Trad  
England Father Mallory's Dance Jez Lowe info
England Father's Song Ewan MacColl  
England Fathom The Bowl Trad info
  Faur Does Bonnie Lorna Lie Trad  
  Feein' Time Trad  
  Felton Lonnin Trad  
England Female Drummer Trad info
Ireland Fenians From Cahirciveen Trad info
  Ferry Me Over Andy M. Stewart
  Ferryland Sealer Trad  
  Ferryman Ralph McTell  
Scotland Festival Lights Nick Keir
  Fhear A Bhatha Trad  
  Fiddler And The Dancer Watt Nicoll  
  Fiddler John Allan Taylor 
Ireland Fiddler's Green John Conolly info
Ireland Fields Of Athenry Pete St. John Info
  Fifie, The Trad / Watt Nicoll  
  Fifth Of October Owen McDonagh  
USA Fifty Pence Trad / Iain C. MacKintosh info
  Fifty Years From Now Dick Gaughan  
Scotland Fighter Brian McNeill info
Scotland Final Trawl Archie Fisher  
  Fine Horsemen Lal Waterson  
  Fire In The Glen Andy M. Stewart
  Fireman's Song Don Bilston  
  Fireship Trad  
USA First Christmas Away From Home Stan Rogers  
  First Time Archie Fisher  
  First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Ewan MacColl  
England First You Lose The Rhyming Harvey Andrews info
  Fisher Lass Matt Armour  
  Fisher Lassies Ewan MacColl  
Scotland Fisherman's Wife Trad / Ewan MacColl Info
  Fishermen's Song Andy M. Stewart
Scotland Fisherrow Trad info
  Fitba' Crazy James Curran  
  Five Hundred Miles Hedy West  
Scotland Five O'clock In The Morning Martin Harbourne Info
Scotland Five Ways To Kill A Man Trad / Edwin Brock / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh info
Flash Frigate Trad / Stan Hugill
Ian Campbell
  Flash Jack From Gundagai Trad  
  Flood Garry George Weir / Roy Williamson  
  Flooers Of The Forest Jane Elliott  
England Flower In The Snow Allan Taylor info
Ireland Flower Of Corby's Mill Trad info
  Flower Of Fiddler's Green Tommy Sands  
Scotland Flower Of France And England Trad info
  Flower Of Magherally Cathal McConnell  
Flower Of Northumberland Trad
Scotland Flower Of Scotland Roy Williamson ??? info
USA Flowers Are Red Harry Chapin  
England Flowers Of Manchester Anon info
USA Scotland Flue Eyes Shel Silverstein Info
  Flying Up To London Rod Paterson  
Ireland  Foggy Dew I Trad info
Ireland  Foggy Dew II Trad / Rev. Charles O'neill info
Scotland Folker, the Paul Simon / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh  
Ireland Follow Me Up To Carlow Patrick Joseph McCall info
Ireland Food-A-Holic Crawford Howard  
Scotland Footba' Referee Matt McGinn  
Scotland A Man's A Man For A' That Robert Burns Info
Scotland For All The Good People Ken Hicks / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh  
  For Our Lang Biding Here Trad  
Scotland For The Special Friends Iain C. MacKintosh  
  For What Died The Sons Of Roisin Luke Kelly  
  Foreman O'Rourke Matt McGinn  
  Forfar Soldier David Shaw  
  Forget The Auld Orange And Green Jim McLean  
  Forgotten Hero Andy Irvine  
  Fortune's Wheel Trad  
  Foul Friday Trad  
  Four Green Fields Tommy Makem  
England Four Pounds A Day Stan Kelly / Eric Winter info
  Four Stone Walls John Saich  
Canada Four Strong Winds Ian Tyson Info
England Fox Trad info
Ireland Foxy Devil Joe Dolan info
Ireland The Fox And The Hare Trad Info
  Fox On The Run    
  Frae My Ain Countrie Trad  
  Frankie And Johnnie Trad  
  Fred Tom Paxton  
  Free And Easy Shaun Davey  
  Free Belfast Anon  
  Free In The Harbour Stan Rogers 
Scotland Freedom Come All Ye Hamish Henderson
  Freedom Forward Watt Nicoll  
  Freedom Is Like Gold Andy M. Stewart
  Freedom Trilogy Trad  
  Freight Train Elizabeth Cotton  
  Friday Game Trad / J. W. Hill  
  Fried Bread And Brandy O Trad  
  Friends Davy Steele  
  Friends Of Civil Rights Anon  
England Friends Of Mine Harvey Andrews  
  Frog In The Well Trad  
  Frog's Wedding Trad  
  Frog's Wedding Trad / Leslie Haworth  
USA From A Distance Julie Gold  
  From Clare To Here Ralph McTell  
  From Here To There Alistair Russell  
Australia From The Lambing To The Wool Judy Small info
  Front Row Cowboy Eric Bogle  
  Fuigfidh Mise 'n Baile Seo Trad  
  Fun Without Fools Jez Lowe  
  Funny Old World Jim Boyes  
England Furze Field Trad info
Australia Futures Exchange Judy Small info

made in Australia Ron Clarke's Folk Songs - Words & Tunes as MIDIs
kindly permitted to host on this site
Celtic Folk Songs  

Fair Ellender
The Fair Maid of Islington
The False Bride
False True Love
Fare Thee Well Enniskillen
The lyrics were written and copyrighted by
© Tommy Makem at Tinwhistle Music
c/o Harry Fox Agency, New York also BMI.
The tune, of course, is traditional.
(Thomas Makem, Mon, 16 Sep 2002)
The Foggy Dew
For A' That

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