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Entering Marion

  • (John Forster)
  • Every year I go out to Cape Cod, I'll be going there soon
    Leave the city by ten and be there in the late afternoon
    On the way there's a village called Marion that you pass through
    The first time I approached it I'll always remember
    The sign that came into view

    It said, Entering Marion
    And I thought, What a fun little sign
    The pleasure of entering Marion
    Had a kick that was hard to define
    A rapturous rush, a physical flush
    There were chills up and down my spine
    For the few minutes I was in Marion
    All Massachusetts was mine

    Well, my friends, somehow this trip became an annual thing
    To start the tour with a bang, with a wild and wonderful thing

    Entering Marion
    Three marvellous minutes of bliss
    How I loved entering Marion
    With her mad municipal kiss

    Somehow, one year I decided to try a new route
    So I got out the map and I traced one I thought was a beaut
    After driving all morning I came to the top of the hill
    When a sign stood before me that promised a new kind of thrill

    Entering Beverley
    Which was lovely and not overbuilt
    And the pleasure of entering Beverley
    Outweighed any feelings of guilt
    I could say I'm contrite but that wouldn't be right
    For the truth is that later that day
    I found myself entering Sharon
    It was there, so was I
    We enjoyed it, what more can I say

    By now I would try any route just for novelty's sake
    I was cursed with a thirst no single township could slake
    At the wheel I was calm but inside I was running amok
    When a sign before me sent me straight into shock

    Entering Lawrence
    My God, I was out of control
    I'd no sooner finished with Lawrence
    Than, Boom! I was entering Lowell
    Then I backtracked and re-entered Lawrence
    And Quincy and Norton as well
    By midnight I'd pulled into Athol
    And I slept in a flea-bag motel

    I slept in my clothing, I woke up covered in sweat
    I was full of revulsion, disgust, full of regret
    I got in my car, and before very far it all became clear in my mind

    A voice came clear as a clarion
    It said, Iain, like this you can't carry on
    You'll have to go back and find Marion
    You know you're the Marion kind

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1994:] I've just come back from the States. The tour there always starts in New England, and I always noticed how many of the little villages and towns that I passed through had girls' names. (Intro Iain MacKintosh)

  • [1999:] "Entering Marion" is [John] Forster's debut album and the title track is an elongated pun on New England town names. (Alex,, 3 Apr)

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