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S - Index
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S Gann Gunn Dirich Mi Chaoidh Norman Nicolson
S.S. Shieldall John Murphy
Sacco And Vanzetti Woody Guthrie
USA Sacco's Last Letter Pete Seeger
Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh Trad
Sae Will We Yet I Trad
Sae Will We Yet II Walter Watson / Tony Cuffe
Australia Safe In The Harbour Eric Bogle
Ireland Sailing Through The Sky Tommy Sands
Sailor's Life Trad
Sair Fyeld Hinny Trad
Salisbury Plain Trad
Sally Brown Trad
England Sally Free And Easy Cyril Tawney
Sally Gee Trad
England Sally Wheatley Joe Wilson / Alex Glasgow
Ireland Salonika Trad note
North-America Sam Stone John Prine note
North-America Same Old Man Trad note
England Same Old Pinball Harvey Andrews
San Francisco Bay Blues Jesse Fuller
Scotland Sands On The Shore Trad note
Scotland Sandy Bell's Man Stuart MacGregor note
Santy Anno Trad
North-America Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shel Silverstein
North-America Saturday Night Tom Paxton note
Saturday Round About Sunday Billy Connolly
England Saucy Sailor Trad note
Sayonara Australia Eric Bogle
Ireland Scapegoats E. Cowan / Christy Moore note
England Scarborough Fair Trad / Martin Carthy note
Scariff Martyrs Trad
England Scene From A Corner Cafe Allan Taylor note
Schooldays Over Ewan MacColl
Scorn Not His Simplicity Phil Coulter
Scotland Scotland Ian McCalman
Scotland Scotland's Lost Its Sense Of Humour Peter Nardini / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh note
Scotland Scotland The Brave C.Hanley note
Scotland Scottish Breakaway Trad / Thurso Berwick note
Scottish Holiday Trad / J. W. Hill
Scotland Scottish Mp Jim McLean note
Scotland Scottish Sabbath Jim McLean note
Scotland Scottish Settler's Lament Sandy Glendinning note
Scottish Song Adam McNaughtan
Scotland Scots Wha Hae Robert Burns note
Scranky Black Farmer Trad
England Scrumpy Trevor Crozier note
Se' Fath Mo Bhuartha Trad
Sea Around Us Dominic Behan
Sea Never Dry Malcolm's Interview
Seacoalers Brian McNeill
Sean Dun Na Ngall Trad
Sean O'brian Alex Campbell
Ireland Sean O'dhuibhir A' Gleanna Patrick Augustine Sheehan / Trad note
Sean South Trad / Dominic Behan
Sean South Of Garryowen King / Costello
Sean Tracy Trad ?
Seanair's Song Dougie MacLean
Seasons Trad / Lizzie Higgins
Seattle Sheena Wellington
Sedgefield Fair Trad
England See It Come Down John Pole note
Scotland See The People Run Davy Steele note
Scotland Seeds To The Wind Colin Matheson / Davy Steele note
Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul Brian McNeill
Selma Alabama (April 1965) (Wally Whyton)
North-America Send Me Back To Georgia Si Kahn note
Sentimental Side ?
Seoladh Na Ngamkain Trad
Seotin Seo Trad
Seren Syw Trad
Scotland Sergeant Where's Mine Billy Connolly note
Sergeant William Bailey Peadar Kearney
Scotland Seton's Lassie Davy Steele note
Setting Ralph McTell
Scotland Seven Braw Goons Duncan MacGillivray / Trad note
Seven Deadly Sins Jim McLean
Seven Drunken Nights Trad
Seven Drunken Nights Trad / Seamus Heaney
Seven Good Soldiers Iain MacDonald
Shadow Of O'casey Tommy Sands
Shake Hands With The Sun Hans Theessink
Shaky Nancy Richard Thompson
Shamrock And The Thistle Anon / Hamish Henderson
She Can Knit Trad
She Didn't Dance Trad
North-America She Had To Go And lose It At The Astor Doe / Doaques
She Moved Through The Fair Trad / Padraig Colum
She Moves Among Men Bill Caddick
She Saw Him Smile Harvey Andrews
She Was A Rum One Trad
Canada She's Like The Swallow Trad notemidi
North-America She's No Lady She's My Wife Mose Allison
Scotland Shearin's No For You Trad note
Shearin's No For You Trad
Sheath And Knife Trad
Sheffield Grinder Trad
Shelley Kee Bookey Trad
North-America Shenandoah Trad note
Shepherd Lad Trad
England Shepherd Of The Downs Trad note
Shepherd's Wife Trad
Scotland Sheriff Muir Trad / Murdoch M'Lellan note
Sheriffmuir (Will Ye Go To Sheriffmuir) Trad
Scotland Sherramuir Fight Trad / Robert Burns note
Scotland Shift And Spin Ewan McVicar note
Shining Clear Alan Reid / Robert Louis Stevenson
Ship In Distress Trad
Shipwreck Dick Gaughan
Ireland Shipyard Slips David Wilde
Ireland Shoals Of Herring Ewan MacColl info
Shoeshine Boy Gerry Rafferty
Shores Of Lough Bran Trad
Shores Of Sutherland Jim McLean
Ireland Short Cut Through The Fields Tommy Sands note
Shortness Of Sight Francis K. Bosworth
Shule Agra Trad
Shuttle Rins Trad
Shy Lover Wullie Lindsay
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Sick Note
german (and local variant) versions: Die Ausrede
Pat Cooksey
Henry Kochlin
Scotland Sickening Thank-You Song Ian McCalman
Sidmouth Folk Festival Blues Ian McCalman
Silent Night Tom Paxton
Silent / Oh Moyle (Song Of Fionnuala) Thomas Moore
Silk Pyjamas Billy Connolly
Scotland Silkie Trad / James Waters note
Australia Silo Judy Small note
England Silver Coin Terry Hiscock
Silver Dagger Trad
Scotland Silver Darlin's Brian McNeill / Dougie Pincock note
Silver In The Stubble Sydney Carter
Silver Tassie Robert Burns
Simply Being Dad Harvey Andrews
Since Nancy Died Eric Bogle
North-America Sing For The Song Shel Silverstein note
Scotland Sing Me A Song Mr Bloom Ian Walker note
Australia Singing The Spirit Home Eric Bogle note
Single Girl Noel Stookey / Mary Allin Travers
Scotland Single Handed Sailor Colin Henderson
Single In Spring Leon Rosselson
Sir Hugh Trad
Scotland Sir Malcolm O'Doherty's Farewell To Scotland Ian McCalman / James Hogg note
Sir Patrick Spens Trad
Sir Richard Bingham Shaun Davey
England Sister Josephine Jake Thackray
Siuil A Run (Shule Agra)??? Trad
Six B Go Swimming Robb Johnson
  Skewball Trad
Ireland Skibbereen Trad note
Skin Matt McGinn
Skinny Malinky Lang Legs Trad
Skippin Barfit Thro' The Heather Trad
Skull And Crossbones Matt McGinn
Scotland Skye Boat Song H.Boulton / A.MacLeod note
Sky-High Joe Thurso Berwick
Skyscraper Weans Adam McNaughtan
Slave's Lament Trad / Robert Burns
Ireland Slean Libh Sean Barlow / Peadar Kearney note
Slee One Trad
Sleep On Beloved Trad
Sleepy Toon Trad
Sliabh Gallion Braes Trad
Sliabh Na Mban Trad
Slievenamon Kickham / Walton / Kearney / Stanley
Scotland Slob Rab Noakes / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh
Sloop John B Trad
Wales Small Countries Neil Parry note
Small Miracles Eric Bogle
Small Rebellion James Keelaghan
Smiling Waved Goodbye Rod Paterson
Scotland Smoke And Strong Whiskey Page / Boylan / Moore
Smokers Song Peter Ross / Hamish Imlach
Smokey Ewan McVicar
Scotland Smuggler Ian McCalman note
Scotland Snows Of France And Holland Brian McNeill note
Snows They Melt The Soonest Trad
Snowy Breasted Pearl Trad
Ireland Snowy Cordillera Alec Finn / Phil & June Colclough
So Long It's Been Good To Know You Woody Guthrie
Wales Soap Starch And Candles Trad / Tomi Jenkins note
Soda Man Jez Lowe
England Soldier Harvey Andrews note
Soldier And The Sailor Trad
Soldier Laddie Trad
Soldier Of Fortune Don Lange
Soldier, Soldier Trad
Soldiers Three Anon
Scotland Some Hae Meat Robert Burns / Ian Walker note
North-America Some Kind Of Love John Stewart
Wales Some People Cry Huw Williams note
Some Say The Divil Is Dead Sean McCarthy / Derek Warfield
Somebody's Daughter Eric Bogle
Somewhere Ahead James Keelaghan
Song For David Ray Hearne
Ireland Song For Ireland Phil & June Colclough
AustraliaEngland Song For Jacqueline Judy Small note
Song For Martin Ralph McTell
Song For Phil Ochs Harvey Andrews
Song For Simon Gerry Rafferty
Song Of Choice Peggy Seeger
Song Of The Exile Barry Gilder
Song Of The Iron Road Ewan MacColl
North-America Song Of The Pineapple Rag Bob Blue / Iain C. MacKintosh
Scotland Song Of The Plough Nick Keir note
Australia Song Of The Whale Eric Bogle note
Scotland Song Of Unrequited Love Adam McNaughtan
Ireland Song Of Wandering Aengus Richard Dyer-Bennett / William Butler Yeats note
North-America Song Song Chris Rohmann
Song Writing Blues Eric Bogle
Songs That Harry Wrote Harvey Andrews
Sonny's Dream Ron Hynes / ad. Hamish Imlach
Scotland Sons Of Heroes Trad / James Hogg note
Soor Mulk Cairt Trad / Thomas Johnstone
Soor Mulk Cairt Thomas Johnstone
Sound Of The Drum Trad
Sound The Pibroch Trad / Agnes Maxwell
South Australia Trad
South Medomsley Strike Tommy Armstrong
Scotland Southside Blues Stuart MacGregor
England Sovay Trad note
Ireland Spancil Hill Michael Considine note
Spanish Ladies Trad
Ireland Spanish Lady Trad / Dominic Behan note
North-America Sparkles And Shines Larry Webster note
Australia Speaking Hands, Hearing Eyes Judy Small note
Spinner's Wedding Mary Brooksbank
Spirit Of Christmas Steve Ashley
ScotlandCanada Spirit Of Riel Tom McIver note
Springhill Mine Disaster Ewan MacColl / Peggy Seeger
St Brendan's Fair Isle Driftwood
Staines Morris Cyril Tawney / Yetties / Frankie Armstrong / Martin Carthy
ScotlandCanada Stan The Singer Ian M. Bruce note
Scotland Stand Together Davy Steele note
England Stand Up For Judas Leon Rosselson note
England Standing At The Door Allan Taylor
Standing In Line Lester Simpson
England Standing In The Rain Sydney Carter note
Star Of The County Down Trad / Cathal MacGarvey
Australia Starstruck Judy Small
Scotland Steady As She Goes Brian McNeill note
Steamboat Row Gerry Rafferty
Steel Man Brian McNeill
Scotland Steggie Trad note
Step It Out Mary Sean McCarthy
Stewball Trad
Stick Into The Gear Dave Lippman
England Stitch In Time Mike Waterson / Martin Carthy note
Stockman's Last Bed Trad
Stoneman's Song Johnny Handle
Stormalong Trad
Stormy Winds Trad
Stottin' Doon The Waall Johnny Handle
Scotland Stoutest Man In The Forty-Twa Trad
Stranger To Himself Sandy Denny
Stranger To The Seasons Ralph Mctell
North-America Strangest Dream Ed McCurdy note
England Streets Of London Ralph McTell note
Streets Of Sarajevo Ray Hearne
Streets Of Staithes Slater / Garbutt
Strong Women Rule The World Brian McNeill
Student Edward Trad / Ewan MacColl
Stuttering Lovers Trad
Ireland Sudako Tommy Sands note
Sullivan's John Pecker Dunne
Summer Girls Ralph McTell
North-America Summer Of Love Peter Nelson note
England Sun And The Moon Don Shepard
England Sun Is Burning Ian Campbell note
Sunday Driver Trad / J. W. Hill
Sunday Morning St Denis Robb Johnson
Scotland Sunday On The Jar Brian McNeill note
England Sundays Harvey Andrews note
Sunshine Leslie Haworth
North-America Sure Sounds Like Society To Me Harry Chapin note
Swan-Necked Valve Alex Russell / Trad
Swarthfell Rocks Trad
Sweet Dublin Bay Trad
Sweet Evelina Trad
Sweet Forget-Me-Not Trad
North-America Sweet Pamela Brown Tom T. Hall
Sweet Sir Galahad Trad ?
North-America Sweet Song Of Yesterday Bob Zentz note
England Sweet Thames Flow Softly Ewan MacColl note
Sweet William's Ghost Trad
Sweeter Than Sugar Mills Bros

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Saint Valentine's Day
Sandgate Dandling Song
The Seeds of Love
The Shearing's Not For You
Sheffield Park
She's Like the Swallow
Singing Bird
The Sprig of Thyme
Still Growing
Still I Love Him
Supper isna Ready
Sweet Joan
Sweet William

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