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O - Index
Inhaltsverzeichnis / Contents down more
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  O Charlie O Charlie Trad
Scotland O Fare Ye Weel My Auld Wife Trad / Robert Burns Info
  O'Connell's Steam Engine Trad
  O'Donnell Aboo Trad / Michael Joseph McCann
  O'Hara Trad
  O'Reilly Trad
  O'Reilly From The County Cavan Trad
  Ochone For Somebody Robert Burns
  October Brew Anon
Scotland October Song Robin Williamson Info
Scotland Off The Isle Of May Matt Armour Info
Ireland Off To Dublin In The Green Trad Info
  Oh No Billy Connolly
  Oh Rodger Rum Trad
  Oh Wee White Rose Of Scotland Trad
Scotland Oil Beneath The Sea John Mcgrath / Ad. Danny Couper Info
Ireland Old Alarm Clock Trad / Phil Kelly Info
  Old Brown's Daughter Trad
  Old Changing Way Richard Thompson
  Old Hammer-Head Jez Lowe
England Old Joe Allan Taylor Info
  Old Man Noah Carl Michael Bellman / Adam McNaughtan
England Old Man's Song Ian Campbell Info
Wales Old Men And Children Frank Hennessy Info
  Old Orange Flute Nugent Bohem
  Old Palmer Song Trad
  Old Pendle Brian Osborne
USA Old Settler's Song Trad Info
  Old Simplicity Kieran Halpin
  Old Swansea Town Trad
  Old Triangle Brendan Behan
England Oldest Swinger In Town Ed Pickford Info
  Oleanna Ditmar Meidel / Pete Seeger
  On My Way Harvey Andrews
Wales On The Dole Claire Worsfold / Frank Hennessy Info
USA On The Good Ship 'I've Got Mine Tom Paxton Info
USA On The Mountain Tonight John O'Connor Info
  On The One Road F. O'Donovan
  Once When I Was Young Leon Rosselson
USA One Day Old Langston Hughes / Fisher -
Scotland One Day We'll See Them Trad Info
  One Hand On The Radio Bill Caddick / Pete Bond
  One Last Cold Kiss Pappalardi / Collins
  One Man Bound Jez Lowe
USA One Million Lawyers Tom Paxton Info
  One Miner's Life Ed Pickford
  One Morning In May Trad
  One Morning In The Spring Trad
  One Small Star Eric Bogle
USA One Thin Swimsuit John McCutcheon Info
  One Two Three Trad
Australia One Voice In The Crowd Judy Small Info
  Ones Who Made Home James Keelaghan),
  Only A Pawn In Their Game Bob Dylan
England Only Doing Their Job Ewan MacColl Info
  Only Our Rivers Run Free Michael MacConnell
  Only Remembered Trad
Scotland Oor Hamlet Trad / Adam McNaughtan Info
  Open Up The Door Billy Connolly
  Open Your Door Softly Trad
USA Operator Trad / De Dannan Info
  Oran Na Cloiche
(The Song Of The Stone)
Donald MacIntyre
USA Oregon Tucker Zimmerman Info
Canada Orion James Keelaghan Info
  Oro Mo Bhaidin Trad
  Oro Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile Padraig Pearse
  Orphans' Wedding Andy M. Stewart
Ireland Other Side Christy Moore -
  Our Captain Cried All Hands Trad
  Our Wee School Trad
England Out Of Time Allan Taylor -
USA Out On The Road Loudon Wainwright III Info
  Outlandish Knight Trad
  Outside The Wall John B. Spencer / Graeme Taylor
  Overgate Trad
  Ower Yon Hill There Lives A Lassie Trad
  Ox-Plough Song Trad
England Oyster Girl Trad Info

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October Winds
The Old Maid's Song
Once I Had a True Love (i)
Once I Had a True Love (ii)
Our Captain Calls

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