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G - Index
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  Gaberlunzie Man Trad  
  Gaelic Song Trad  
Scotland Gala Water Trad
  Gallant Forty-Twa Trad  
England Gallant Frigate Amphitrite Trad Info
  Gallant Graemes Trad  
  Gallant Ninety-Two Trad  
  Gallant Poacher Trad  
  Gallant Weaver Trad  
Scotland Gallowa' Hills Trad  
  Gallowgate Calypso Matt McGinn  
Scotland Gallus Bloke Trad
  Galtee Mountain Boy Trad / Patsy Halloran / Christy Moore  
Ireland Galway Bay Francis Fahy Info
  Galway Farmer Steve Knightley  
Ireland Galway Races Trad
  Galway Rebel Boys Trad  
England  Galway To Graceland Richard Thompson
  Games People Play Joe South  
Canada Gammel Dansk Connie Kaldor  
  Gan Te The Kye Trad  
USA Garbage Bill Steele / Add. Verses Mike Agranoff / Pete Seeger
  Garden Of Love Leon Rosselson / William Blake  
Australia Gardens Marion McLeod / Agnes Mure MacKenzie Info
Ireland Gartan Mother's Lullaby Seosamh MacCathmhaoil / Trad
England Gasman Cometh, The Michael Flanders / Swann  
Scotland Gaudie The John Imlah / Trad
  Gauger The Trad / Robert Burns  
Scotland Gaugers Trad  
  Gay Liberation Matt McGinn  
Scotland General Grant Michael Marra
Ireland General Guinness Trad
  General Taylor Trad  
Scotland Generations Of Change Matt Armour
  Gentle Annie Trad  
USA Gentle My Love Tom Paxton  
England Gentleman Soldier Trad
Scotland Gently Does It Rab Noakes / Alex Campbell
Scotland Geordie Trad Info
  German Lairdie Allan Cunningham  
  German Tour Jim McLean  
  Get Out Ye Black And Tans Dominic Behan  
  Get Up, Get Out Matt McGinn  
USA Ghetto Bonnie Bramlett / Homer Banks / Betty Krutcher  
USA Ghost Army Of Korea Trad
  Ghoulies And Ghosties Nick Keir  
  Gie Me A Lassie Wi' A Lump O' Land Trad  
England Gift Of A Brand New Day Harvey Andrews Info
  Gillie Mor Hamish Henderson
England Girl I Left Behind Me Samuel Lover
Scotland Give Me Your Hand Rory O'cathain / Brian Warfield
Gladys Ridge James Keelaghan  
  Glasgow Councillor Adam McNaughtan  
  Glasgow Courtship Adam McNaughtan  
Scotland Glasgow Eskimos T. S. Law / Morris Blythman Info
Scotland Glasgow Farewell Danny Kyle
Scotland Glasgow I Used To Know Jim McLean
Scotland Glasgow Magistrate Trad
Scotland Glasgow Mother's Lullaby Eric Bogle
  Glasgow Peggy Trad  
Scotland Glasgow Pub Bus-Run To Ballyshannon Danny Kyle
  Glasgow Rain Ewan McVicar  
  Glasgow Sunday School Trad / Adam McNaughtan  
Scotland Glasgow That I Used To Know Adam McNaughtan
Scotland  Glen Cinema Danny Kyle  
  Glendalough Saint Trad  
Scotland Glenlogie Trad
  Gloomy December Robert Burns  
Canada Glory Bound James Keelaghan  
  Go And Leave Me If You Wish, Love Trad  
  Go Down Ye Murderers Ewan MacColl  
England Go To Sea No More Trad
  God Bless England Peadar Kearney  
England God Loves A Drunk Richard Thompson  
  God Save Ireland George F. Root / T. D. O'sullivan  
Scotland Going Home To Glasgow Ian Davison
  Gold Claddagh Ring Andy M. Stewart  
  Golden Arches Judy Small  
  Golden City Eric Bogle  
  Golden Golden Andy M. Stewart  
USA Golden River Jimmy Driftwood Info
England Golden Vanity Trad
  Good Ale For My Money Laurence Price  
Ireland Good Friday Never Changes Colum Sands  
England Good Looking Widow L. Cheyne  
Scotland Good Night And Joy James Hogg
Ireland Good Ship Kangaroo Trad
USA Good Ship Reuben James Woody Guthrie
England Goodbye Booze Trad
  Goodbye Ee! Weston / Lee  
  Goodbye Fare Thee Well Trad  
Ireland Goodbye Love Tommy Sands
  Goodbye Monday Blues Si Kahn  
  Goodbye To Ulster James Simmons  
  Goodie On A Saucer Trad  
USA Goodnight Irene Huddie Ledbetter / Alan Lomax Info
  Goodnight Sweetheart R. Noble  
  Goodnight-Loving Trail Bruce Utah Phillips  
Ireland Gosforth's Fair Demesne Trad  
England Go To Sea No More Trad
Wales Gower Wassail Trad  
Ireland Granemore Hare Owen McMahon
Scotland Granny Fraser's Flittin' Trad  
  Granny's Old Armchair Trad  
Ireland Granuaile Trad  
  Gray Twins Robert Burns  
  Greasy Wheel Trad / Ian Campbell  
  Great Iron Ship Danny Kyle  
  Great North Road Archie Fisher  
Scotland Greatest Thrill Trad / Ian Walker Info
Scotland Green And The Blue Alan Reid
  Green Belongs To Glasgow's Folk Alex Melville / Adam McNaughtan  
  Green Fields Of Canada ?  
Scotland Green Fields Of Dundee ?  
  Green Gravel Trad  
Scotland Green Grow The Rashes O Robert Burns
Ireland Green Grows The Laurel Trad
Ireland Green Island 1 Ewan MacColl  
Ireland Green Island 2 Jimmy Crowley
  Green Plaid Trad  
Scotland Greenland Bound Trad
  Greenland Whale Fisheries Trad  
Scotland Greenland's Icy Waters Brian McNeill
  Gresford Disaster Trad  
IrelandEngland Grey Cock Trad Info
  Grimsby Fishermen Dave Goulder  
Ireland Grimsby Lads John Conolly
  Griogal Chridhe Trad  
  Guidwife Coont The Lawin Robert Burns  
Scotland The Guise o' Tough Trad
  Gunsmoke And Whisky Archie Fisher  
Scotland Gypsy Laddie Trad Info
Ireland The Gypsy Rover or The Whistlin' Gypsy Trad Info 

made in Australia Ron Clarke's Folk Songs - Words & Tunes as MIDIs
kindly permitted to host on this site
Celtic Folk Songs  

The Gallant Forty Twa
The Gardener
Gie The Lass Her Fairing
Go From My Window (i)
Tune in a major key.
Go From My Window (ii)
Tune in a minor key. I like this one best.
Green Grows the Laurel
Green Grow the Rushes-O
The Grey Cock
The Grey Hawk
Gypsy Laddie

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