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USA I Ain't Marching Any More Phil Ochs
  I Am A Lad Of 20 Years    
Scotland I Am A Miller Trad
  I Am A Rover Trad  
USA I Am Changing My Name To 'Chrysler' Tom Paxton
  I Am The Common Man Alan Reid / Joe Corrie  
Scotland I Belong To Glasgow Will Fyffe
Scotland I Can Play You Anything Ian M. Bruce  
  I Can't Stop Now Gerry Rafferty  
USA I Can't Touch The Sun Shel Silverstein
  I Courted A Wee Girl Trad  
 ? I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier (Al Piantadosi / Alfred Bryan)
USA I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier Trad / Hamish Imlach
Ewan McVicar
  I Don't Like Mondays Bob Geldof  
USA I Don't Love You Anyway Ray Stevens  
USA I Don't Want A Bunny Wunny Tom Paxton
  I Drew My Ship Trad  
England I Gael Cymru'n Gymru Rydd Rod Thomas  
  I Gave My Love A Cherry Trad  
Scotland I Hae Nae Kith, I Hae Nae Kin Brian McNeill / Trad
Scotland I Hae Naebody Now Ian McCalman / James Hogg
Ireland I Hate To Hear People Cry Tommy Sands
  I Hate Wogs Eric Bogle  
England I Have Seen It All Rod Thomas  
  I Have Seen The Highlands Matt McGinn  
Ireland ? I Know My Love Trad
  I Know Where I'm Going Trad  
USA I Like Beer Tom T. Hall
  I Likes A Drop Of Good Beer Anon  
  I Live Not Where I Love Trad  
  I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon Phil Coulter / Ralph McTell  
  I Mourn For The Highlands Trad / Andy M. Stewart  
  I Once Loved A Lass Trad  
  I Once Loved A Lass Trad  
  I Owe You Matt McGinn  
Australia I P D, The Sue Edmonds / Lian Tanner  
  I Ride An Old Paint Trad  
  I Support The Boycott Peggy Seeger / Ad. Gordon McCulloch  
England I Wandered By A Brookside lyrics:Trad / tune Barbara Berry
  I Was A Young Man Trad  
  I Went To Market Trad  
Scotland I Will Go Trad
  I Will Lay Ye Doon Trad  
  I Wish I Was A Maid Again Trad  
USA I Wish I Was A Rock Trad / Derroll Adams / Add. Words Iain C. MacKintosh  
England I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool Stan Kelly / Leon Rosselson
Scotland I Wish I Was In Glasgow Billy Connolly
Scotland I Wish I Wish Trad
Scotland I Wish That I Was Home Tom McIver
Scotland I Wish They'd Do It Now Trad / Hamish Imlach  
Canada I Would I Were James Keelaghan
  I Would That The Wars Were All Done Trad  
  I Wouldn't Change A Thing Iain C. MacKintosh  
  I'd Cross The Wild Atlantic Henry Whyte / Andy M. Stewart  
  I'd Rather Read A Book Harvey Andrews  
  I'll Fly Away Trad  
England I'll Have A Collier For My Sweetheart Trad
Scotland I'll Stick On The Stamp Iain C. MacKintosh
  I 'll Tell Me Ma Trad  
  I'm A Rover J. A. Cameron  
Ireland I'm A Terrible Man Colum Sands  
USA I'm Born Again Dave Summers / Ad. Iain C. MacKintosh
  I'm Going Back On The Bicycle Tommy Sands  
USA I'm Gonna Be An Engineer Peggy Seeger
  I'm Here Harvey Andrews  
  I'm Leaving Tipperary Trad  
  I'm Looking For A Job Matt McGinn  
USA I'm My Own Grandpa Moe Jaffe / Dwight Latham
USA I'm Quiet Malvina Reynolds
  I's The Boy Trad  
  I've Come All The Way From Dublin Trad  
  I've Packed Up My Bags Matt McGinn  
  Ibrox Disaster Matt McGinn  
Ireland If Anything Happened To You Charlie McGettigan  
USA If I Had A Boat Lyle Lovett
USA If I Had A Hammer Pete Seeger / Lee Hays
  If I Had Wings Peter Yarrow / Yardley  
  If I Knew Pauline Marden / Nina Duschek  
  If I Was A Blackbird Trad / Andy M. Stewart  
USA If I Were A Carpenter Tim Hardin  
Ireland If It Wasn't For The Border Trad / Colum Sands  
Scotland If It Wasn't For The Union Matt McGinn
England  If They Come In The Morning Jack Warshaw
  If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus C. Neblett? / Paul Sieger)?  
England If You Want To See The General Trad
  Image Of God Alan Reid / Joe Corrie  
England Imagine John Lennon  
  In A Neat Little Town Matt McGinn  
USA In Contempt Aaron Kramer / Betty Sanders / Ad. Len Graham
Ireland In Dublin's Fair City James Yorkston
  In Freenship's Name Trad  
  In London Town Trad  
  In London's Fair City Trad  
  In My Liverpool Home Pete McGovern  
  In The Park Leon Rosselson  
Ireland Inishfree Trad  
  Inner City Song ?  
  International Benny Gallagher / Graham Lyle  
England Invisible Married Breakfast Blues Leon Rosselson  
  Irish Ballad Tom Lehrer  
  Irish Girl Trad  
  Irish Molly-O Trad  
  Irish Navy Ronnie Drew / Luke Kelly  
  Irish Rover J. Crofts  
Ireland Irish Ways And Irish Laws John Gibbs
Scotland Iron Horse Charles Balfour
  Isla Waters Andy M. Stewart / Martin Hadden  
  Island Earth No More Trad / Joe Corrie / Alan Reid  
  Isle Of Eigg Robin Laing  
Scotland Isle Of Skye James Hogg
  It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King Robert Burns  
  It's A Grand Old Country Peadar Kearney  
  It's A Life Trad  
  It's A Wonderful Day Harvey Andrews  
  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan  
England It's Good To See You Allan Taylor
USA It's My Union Trad
USA It's So Easy To Dream Bob Frankie

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I Will Put My Ship in Order
I Wish, I Wish

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