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  1. Harvey Andrews Homepage   video
    Frankie Armstrong Homepage   video
  2. Dominic Behan (1928-1989)   video
    Barbara Berry  @ homepage of her son Bob Berry  no video
    Pete Elliott of Birtley News and Comment - No 16   video
    Mary Black  video
    Eric Bogle Homepage   video
    Norman Buchan Dick Gaughan's Links In The Chain   video
    Robert Burns (1759-1796) Burns Country   video  
  3. Bill Caddick Homepage   video
    Alex Campbell Statement
    Ian Campbell   video
    Sean Cannon private Homepage   video
       Ewen Carruthers  topic n.a. A Little Bit of Me   video
    Martin Carthy @ FOLK ICONS, Homepage ?   video
    Harry Chapin private Homepage   video
    Francis James Child (1825-1896) The Child Ballads with variants   video
    Ron Clarke Tadpole Tunes Homepage
    Billy Connolly Homepage   video
    Billy Connolly
    Pat Cooksey Homepage   video
      deutsch Projekt zur Erhaltung des bayrischen Wanderfalkens
      english Project to Preserve the Bavarian Peregrine Falkon
      Pat and Henry (Hamburg, 23.02.2006)
    Coope Boyes & Simpson Homepage   video
    Coope Boyes & Simpson
  4. Jimmy Driftwood In Memorium   video
    William Douglas (1672?-1748)  see Annie Laurie
    Bob Dylan Homepage   video
  6. Archie Fisher    video
    George Formby    video
  7. Dick Gaughan Homepage   video
    Alex Glasgow Wikipedia (english)   video
    Steve Goodman (1948 - 1984) Homepage   video
    Kieran GossHomepage   video
    Woody Guthrie Statement   video
    Woody Guthrie
  8. Kieran Halpin Homepage   video
    Mick Hanly Homepage   video
    Tim Hart and Maddy Prior Zierke-homepage   video
    Hamish Henderson    video
    Heather Heywood
    Bill Hicks Homepage   video
    Alistair Hulett
  9. Iain Ingram    no video
    Andy Irvine Homepage   video
  10. Robb Johnson Homepage   video
  11. Si Kahn Homepage   video
    Dolores Keane
    James Keelaghan   video
    Nick Keir Homepage   video
    Barbara Keith Bio/News/Video   Interview
    Stan Kelly Songbook   video
    Charlie King Homepage   video
    Henry Kochlin List of own german lyrics   video John Kirkpatrick
  12. Don Lange Homepage   video
    Gordon Lightfoot Biography   video
    Huddie Ledbetter Review   video
    A. L. 'Bert' Lloyd
  13. Ewan MacColl Review   video
    Ewan MacColl
    Shane MacGowan    video
    Iain C. MacKintosh  + Hamish Imlach @ Folkworld   video Ian +  video Hamish
    Tommy Makem (1932-2007) Homepage of his sons   video
      Tommy Makem, 74, Hero of Irish Folk Music, Dies
      Resolution 768 Honoring the life of Thomas ''Tommy'' Makem
         see also House of Representatives - December 11, 2007
         in text and pdf format
    William Marshall (1748-1833)   no video
      William Marshall
    Don McLean Homepage   video
    Ian McCalman Homepage   video
    Matt McGinn Multimedia   video
    Adam McNaughtan    video
    Brian McNeill Homepage   video
    Ewan McVicar    video
    Christy Moore Homepage   video
    Thomas Morley (c. 1557 -- 1602) Biography   video
  14. Peter Nardini Homepage   video
    John Newton    video
    Watt Nicoll    video
    Nancy Nicolson    no video


  16. Rod Paterson    video
    Tom Paxton    video
    Ruth Pelham    video
    Bruce Utah Phillips Utah's Page    video
    John Prine

  18. Gerry Rafferty Biography   video
    Malvina Reynolds    video
    Sir Hugh Stevenson Roberton (1874-1952)   video
    Stan Rogers Wikipedia   video
    Leon Rosselson Homepage   video
    Leon Rosselson
  19. Bobby Sands (1954-1981)   video
    Bobby Sands
    Colum Sands    video
    Sands Family    video
    Tommy Sands Homepage   video
    Lady John Scott (1810-1900)   video
    Peggy Seeger Homepage   video
    Pete Seeger Statement   video
    Eleanor Shanley
    Judy Small Homepage   video
    Bill Staines
    Davy Steele  ( - 2001) @ Temple Records   video
    Andy M. Stewart Homepage   video
    Belle Stewart News and Comment - No 3   video
    John Stewart    video
    David Sudbury Homepage   video
  20. Robert Tannahill (1774- 1810)   video
    Allan Taylor Homepage   video
    Jake Thackray Homepage   video
    Richard Thompson
  23. Ian Walker Homepage   no video
    Lal Waterson News and Comment - No 8   video
    The Watersons Biography
    Fred Wedlock
    Sheena Wellington    video
    Colin Wilkie Homepage   video
    Roy Williamson Wikipedia   video
  26. Bob Zentz Homepage   video

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