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  Haigh Didil Dum Trad  
  Hail Mary Full Of Grace Davey Arthur  
  Haill Week O' The Fair Trad  
  Halfpenny Strike D. Reith / Ray Smith  
Scotland Hallowe'en Violet Jacob / Jim Reid
  Hame Hame Hame Trad  
England Hands Of Joseph Ralph McTell
Scotland Hands Off The Old Town Iain C. MacKintosh
  Handsome Cabin Boy Trad  
  Handsome Molly Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie??? Trad  
England Happy Sam Dave Hillery / John Hartley Info
  Hard Case Ewan MacColl  
  Hard Cheese Of Old England Trad / Les Barker  
Australia Hard Hard Times Eric Bogle
USA Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan Info
USA Hard Times Stephen Foster Info
  Hard Times Heart Norma Waterson  
England Hard Times Of Old England Trad / Add. Lyrics Roy Bailey  
  Hard Traveling Woody Guthrie  
Ireland Hare's Dream Trad Info
  Hares In The Old Plantation Trad  
  Harriers Song Tony Murphy  
  Hartley Calamity Trad  
England Harvest Of The Moon Peter Knight Info
USA Has Annie Been In Tom Paxton  
  Hash O' Benagoak Trad  
  Haughs Of Cromdale Trad  
  Haul Away The Bowline Trad  
Scotland Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves Ian Walker Info
  Haymakers Trad  
  He Fades Away Alistair Hulett  
  He's Gone Away Trad  
  Head Teeth Jim McLean  
  Heart Of The Land Eric Bogle  
England Hearts On Fire Frank Hennessy  
  Heather Down The Moor Trad  
  Heave Away My Johnny Trad / A. L. Lloyd  
  Heaven Jim Woodland  
USA Heavenly Shore Trad  
  Heidless Cross George Weir  
  Helen Of Kirkconnel Trad  
England Hello Hans Harvey Andrews Info
  Hen's March Shaun Davey  
Scotland Henry Martin / #1 / #2 Trad
Scotland Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway Gerry Rafferty Info
England Herald Of Free Enterprise Robb Johnson
  Here Come The Navvies Trad / Ian Campbell  
  Here In The Green Eric Bogle  
  Here Is My Home Si Kahn  
Scotland Here's A Health Tae The Sauters Davy Steele
  Here's The Tender Coming Trad  
  Here's To The Juggler Robb Johnson  
Scotland Hermless Michael Marra
Scotland Hero's Return Eric Bogle
Scotland Hey Ca' Thro' Trad / Robert Burns
Scotland Hey How Johnie Lad Robert Burns Info
England Hey John Barleycorn Anon
USA Hey Nellie Nellie Shel Silverstein / Jim Friedman / Ad. Iain C. MacKintosh / Hamish Imlach
  Hey Sandy Harvey Andrews  
Scotland Hieland Laddie Trad
  Hieland Soldier Trad  
Scotland Hieland Whisky Willie Scott? Trad?  
England High Germany Trad
  High Jeannie High Trad  
USA; High-Low Song Tom Gala  
  Highland Harry Trad  
Scotland Highland Laddie Trad
Scotland Highland Lament Trad  
  Highland Paddy Trad  
Highland Road Hilton Brown / Ian McCalman  
Scotland Highland Road Hilton Brown / Ian McCalman
Scotland The Highlander's Farewell Ian McCalman / James Hogg
England Highwayman Eamonn Cowan / Toss The Feathers  
  Hillcrest Mine James Keelaghan  
  Hills Of Isle Au Haut Gordon Bok  
  Hilo Johnny Brown Trad  
USA Hiroshima Child Nazim Hikmet / Jeanette Turner / James Waters
Scotland Hirslin' Kate Anon
  Hobo In My Mind Tom Paxton  
  Hobo's Last Letter Bill Hicks  
USA Hobo's Lullaby Goebel Reeves
USA; Hog-Eye Man Trad
  Hold On To Me Babe Tom Paxton  
  Hold The Fort Trad  
Canada Hold Your Ground James Keelaghan
  Holmfirth Anthem Trad  
The Holy Ground #1+2 Trad
England Holy Joe From Scabsville Ewan MacColl
  Home Away From Home I Tommy Sands  
  Home Away From Home II Robbie O'connell  
England Home Boys Home Trad
  Homeward Bound Trad  
Australia Honest Working Man Eric Bogle
USA Honey In The Rock Alice Wine / Guy Carawan
Canada Hope Princeton Road James Keelaghan  
Scotland Horse, The Iain C. MacKintosh
  Hot Asphalt Trad  
  House Carpenter Trad  
  House Carpenter Trad  
  House Of The Rising Sun Trad  
  How Can I Keep From Singing Anne Warner / R. Lowry / Doris Plenn  
Scotland How Can It End Peter Nardini  
USA How Do I Know Anon / Pete Seeger / Iain C. MacKintosh / Hamish Imlach
  How Do You Do Woody Guthrie  
  How Do You Know Tucker Zimmerman  
Australia How Many Times Judy Small
USA Hug Song Fred Small
Scotland Hugh The Graeme Trad / Robert Burns
  Humble Heart Trad  
  Humours Of The King Of Ballyhooley Trad  
  Humours Of Whisky Trad  
  Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed Tommy Sands  
USA Hunger Song Joyce Brookshire  
Scotland Hungover Morning Ian M. Bruce  
  Hunted On The Hillside Brian Tulloch  
  Huntingtower Trad  
  Hush Little Baby Trad  
Scotland Hushaba Ma Bairnie Trad  

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