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P Q - Index
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  P Stands For Paddy Trad  
England P. G. Harvey Andrews Info
England Pace Egging Song Trad Info
  Pack Up Your Sorrows Richard Farina / Pauline Marden  
  Pack Your Tools And Go Trad / Jimmie MacGregor  
  Paddy And The Bricks Pat Cooksey  
England Paddy And The Whale Trad Info
  Paddy Doyle Trad  
Scotland  Paddy In Glasgow Trad Info
England ? Paddy Lay Back Trad Info
  Paddy's Dream Anon  
Ireland Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore Trad info
IrelandUSA Paddy's Lamentation Trad Info
  Palaces Of Gold Leon Rosselson  
  Paper Hankies Anon  
  Paper Of Pins Trad  
Scotland Parcel Of Rogues Trad / Robert Burns Info
  Parish Of Dunkeld Trad  
ScotlandIreland Parting Glass Trad  
  Pass Round The Whisky Ian Campbell  
  Passing Through ?  
  Pastures Of Plenty Woody Guthrie  
  Pat Reilly Trad  
  Patrick Gerry Rafferty  
  Patrick Sheehan Charles Joseph Kickham  
Ireland Patrick Street Trad Info
  Patrick's Arrival Christy Moore  
Ireland Patriot Game Trad / Dominic Behan Info
Ireland Paudeen Roe Trad  
  Pay Day Alex Campbell  
USA Peace Will Come Tom Paxton Info
AustraliaUSA Pearl Judy Small  
USA Pearl Handled Pocket Knife Fort / Hutchins  
  Peat Bog Soldiers Wolfgang Langhoff / Rudi Goguel / Hanns Eisler  
  Peggy Gordon Trad  
  Peggy Lettermore Trad  
USA Pegleg Johnson Shel Silverstein  
  Penny Whistle Trad / Alex Campbell  
  People Upstairs Ogden Nash / Billy Connolly  
  Peter's Song Tommy Sands  
  Philimiooriay Trad  
  Phyllis The Fair Trad / Robert Burns  
  Pierre Trudeau Vera Johnson  
  Pill, The Matt McGinn  
  Pills Leon Rosselson  
Scotland Piper Of Dundee Trad  
  Pirn-Taed Jockie George Bruce Thomson  
  Pitmen's Union Trad  
  Plains Of Waterloo Trad  
USA Plane Wreck At Los Gatos Trad Info
  Pleasant And Delightful Trad  
  Please Don't Bury Me John Prine  
  Please Sing A Song For Us Gerry Rafferty  
  Plooman Laddies Trad  
  Plough Hand Trad  
  Ploughboy Trad  
  Ploughman Trad / Robert Burns  
  Poacher's Fate Trad  
  Poison Train Michael O'rourke  
  Polis Of Argyll Freddie Anderson  
England Polly On The Shore Trad Info
  Poor Beasts Anon / Hamish Imlach  
 ? Poor Boy On The Road Bob Gibson  
England Poor Cotton Weaver Trad  
  Poor Old Horse Trad  
Scotland Poor Old Man Trad  
Ireland Poor Paddy On The Railway Trad. / Arr. Ewan MacColl  
Scotland Poor Roving Lass Trad Info
  Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman Richard Thompson / Dave Swarbrick  
  Port Of Call Kieran Halpin  
  Port Of Leith Pubs Johnny Collins  
  Portlairge Trad  
Scotland Portnahaven Nick Keir  
  Portree Kid Stan Jones / J. W. Hill  
  Pot Of Porter Oh Anon  
England Pound A Week Rise Ed Pickford Info
  Poverty Knock Trad  
USA Power Tom Paxton  
  Preab San Ol Trad  
  Predictions Bob Franke  
Scotland Presence Archie Fisher / Stuart MacGregor  
  Press Gang Trad  
  Press Ganged Harvey Andrews  
  Pretty Boy Floyd Woody Guthrie  
USA Pretty Little Horses Trad / Hamish Imlach Info
  Pretty Saro Trad  
  Prickle-Holly Bush Trad  
  Prince Heathen Trad  
Scotland Prisoner 562 Oswald Andrae / Iain C. MacKintosh low-german 
  Prisoner's Song Trad  
  Propeller Song Jim Brown  
Scotland Proposal And Acceptance Trad  
Scotland Prosperity A. Mitchell Info
USA Protect And Survive John Clifton Info
England Proud And Noble Savage Allan Taylor Info
USA Psychotherapy Trad / Melanie Safka Info
Australia Pub With No Beer Gordon Parsons Info
USA Puff The Magic Dragon Peter Yarrow / Lipton Info
  Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes Trad / Christy Moore  
  Push Boys Push ?  
USA Put Another Log On The Fire Shel Silverstein Info
  Putter Alexander Barrass / Johnny Handle  
  Quare Bungle Rye Trad  
  Queen Amang The Heather Trad  
Scotland Queen Mary, Queen Mary Trad  
 ? Queen Of Argyll Andy M. Stewart  
England Queen Of Hearts Trad  
  Queen's Navee, The Jim McLean  
  Question Of Travelling Rab Noakes  
USA Quite Early Morning Pete Seeger Info
Scotland Quo' The Idealist Adam McNaughtan Info

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