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UV - Index
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Scotland Uist Tramping Song Hugh S. Roberton  
England Ulysses Jake Thackray  
England Unaccompanied Harvey Andrews
Ireland Uncle Mike Frank Hennessy  
USA Uncle Walter Tom Gala  
  Under The Volcano Julian Dawson / Dennis Locorriere  
  Unfortunate Rake Trad  
USA Unicorn Song Shel Silverstein  
  Union Maid Woody Guthrie  
  Unison In Harmony Jim Boyes  
  Unknown Tom Paxton  
  Unquiet Grave Trad  
  Unsung Hero Eric Bogle  
USA Unwed Fathers John Prine / Bobby Braddock
Scotland Up And Awa' Wi' The Laverock Andy Hunter  
  Up And Rin Awa' Geordie James Hogg / Ian McCalman  
Scotland Up And Whaur Them A', Willie Robert Burns / Alan Reid
  Up In The North Trad  
  Up The Raw Trad  
England Valley Lights Frank Hennessy  
  Venezuela Trad  
  Verdant Braes Of Skreen Trad  
Scotland Veronica Ian McCalman / Hoyday / Cornelis Vreeswijk  
England Veteran Allan Taylor
Ireland Vicar And The Frog Noel Murphy / Stan Crowther  
USA Victor Jara Of Chile Arlo Guthrie / A. Mitchell
England The Victors Colin Wilkie Info
England Villains' Chorus Peggy Seeger
England Villikins And His Dinah John Parry
  Virginny Trad  
  Vive La Quinte Brigada Christy Moore  
USA Voices From The Mountains Ruthie Gorton
english  Volendam Harvey Andrews  

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Celtic Folk Songs  

Under Her Apron  
The Unquiet Grave (i)  
The Unquiet Grave (ii)  
The Unquiet Grave (iii)  
Valentine's Day  

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Celtic Folk Songs misc

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