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  Tae The Beggin' Trad  
Scotland Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Gang Trad / Robert Burns
  Taglione Trad  
  Tail O' The Bank Alan Reid  
  Tail Toddle Trad  
  Tailor Trad  
  Tak' It, Man, Tak' It David Webster  
  Take A Little Time Harvey Andrews  
  Take Her In Your Arms Andy M. Stewart  
  Take It Down From The Mast Trad  
USA Take The Children And Run Don Lange
England Talcahuano Girls Trad
  Tale Of '81 Andy Victor  
  Tam Bowie Trad  
  Tam Lin Trad  
  Tam The Bam Mex. trad / Ewan McVicar  
Scotland Tamosher Trad
England Targets Harvey Andrews
  Tarry Arry Arry Trad  
Scotland Tatties And Herrin' Trad  
  Teacher's Rant Trad / Ian Davison  
  Tearing Our Industry Down Billy Stewart  
Scotland Ten O'clock Is Ringing Trad Info
  Ten Thousand Miles Away Trad  
  Ten Wee Women D. Kynoch  
  Tequila Sunset Ralph Mctell  
Scotland Terror Time Ewan MacColl / Peggy Seeger
England Testament Of Patience Kershaw Frank Higgins
  Thank You British Airways Tom Paxton  
  That's The Way The River Runs Dave Anderson / Dave McLennan  
Scotland  Thatcher O' Glenrae Hector McIlfatrick
  Theidir A Bhaile Riu Trad  
  There But For Fortune Phil Ochs  
Ireland There Were Roses Tommy Sands
  There'll Have To Be Some Changes Colum Sands  
  There's A Herrin' In The Pan Trad  
  There's Three Brave, Loyal Fellows Trad  
  These Hard Times Trad  
  They Don't Write Them Like That Any More Betts  
Scotland; They Say That We've Never Had It So Good Anon
  They Sent A Wumman Nancy Nicolson  
IrelandScotland They Wounded Old Ireland Andy M. Stewart
Ireland They'll Never Get Their Man Trad
  They've Spelt My Name Wrong Loudon Wainwright III / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh  
  Thief Of The World Francis A. Fahy  
  Think Again Dick Gaughan  
  Third Millennium S. Cowe  
  Thirty Foot Trailer Ewan MacColl  
  This For That Rod Paterson  
  This Is No My Ain House Trad  
  This Is The Life Wally Whyton  
USA This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie
Scotland This Land Is Your Land (Scottish Version) Woody Guthrie / ad. Gordon Menzies / Robin Watson
  This Old Town Janis Ian / Jon Vesner  
  Thomas Muir Of Huntershill Adam McNaughtan  
Ireland Thousands Are Sailing Trad
Scotland Three Craws Trad
  Three Drunken Maidens Trad  
Scotland Three Healths Trad  
  Three Jolly Boys Trad  
Scotland Three Men From Carntyne Trad / Iain C. MacKintosh / Tony Harris
  Three Nights And A Sunday Matt McGinn  
  Three Pretty Maidens Trad  
  Three Score And Ten William Delph  
  Throw Out A Line And Dream Ralph McTell  
Scotland Tibbie Dunbar Robert Burns / John Mcgill
Scotland Tibbie Fowler Trad
  Tie The Ruck Wi' Me Andy Hunter  
Wales Tiger Bay Frank Hennessy
England Tim McGuire Leon Rosselson -
  Time To Ring Some Changes Richard Thompson  
  Time Wears Awa' ?  
  Time Will Cure Me Andy Irvine  
  Times Ain't What They Used To Be Kieran Goss  
  Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan  
Ireland Tinkerman's Daughter Michael MacConnell Info
  Tinny Can On My Tail Matt McGinn  
  Tipperary Far Away Joseph Crofts  
  Titanic Hans Theessink  
England To Be A Farmer's Boy Trad Info
England To Hear The Nightingale Sing Trad Info
Australia Token Sheila Judy Small Info
  Tolpuddle Man Graham Moore  
  Tom Brown Trad  
  Tom Dooley Frank Warner  
  Tom Joad Woody Guthrie  
  Tom's Gone To Hilo Trad  
  Tommy Atkins Peter Bellamy / Rudyard Kipling  
  Tommy Note Trad  
USAScotland Tomorrow Bob Gibson / Iain C. MacKintosh Info
canada Tomorrow Is Another Day James Keelaghan -
USA Tomorrow, You're Gone Christine Lavin Info
  Too Far From She Ian M. Bruce  
  Tour Of The Dales Trad  
  Towersey Fair John Connolly / Bill Meek  
Northern Ireland Town I Loved So Well Phil Coulter / B. Martin Info
  Town Of Belfast (Song Of Belfast) Crawford Howard  
Australia Town Of Kiandra Trad Info
  Traditional Folksinger's Lament For The Passing
Of The Three-Chord Traditional Folksong
Eric Bogle  
USA Trail Of Tears Pat & Victoria Garvey Info
Scotland Trains And My Grandfather Brian McNeill  
  Tranent Muir Adam Skirving  
  Traveller Allan Taylor  
Scotland Traveller's Moon Brian McNeill  
Ireland Travelling Doctor's Shop Trad / Brian Warfield  
  Travelling People Ewan MacColl  
  Travelling Rhythm Geordie McIntyre  
  Trees They Do Grow High Trad  
  Trelawney Robert S. Hawker  
  Tri Coloured Ribbon Peadar Kearney  
  Trimdon Grange Explosion Tommy Armstrong  
Ireland Trip Through Holyhead Kieran Halpin  
Ireland Trip To Jerusalem Joe Dolan  
  Trooper And The Maid Trad  
USA Trouble In Mind Trad  
  Troubled Waters In My Soul Matt McGinn  
  Troy's Song Eric Bogle  
Scotland True Thomas Trad  
  Tryst William Soutar / James MacMillan  
Tryweryn Meic Stevens / Heather Jones  
Scotland Tullochgorum Trad / Rev. John Skinner  
Ireland Tunes Of Glory Pete St. John  
  Tunnel Tigers Ewan MacColl  
  Turfman From Ardee Trad  
  Turn Right, Go Straight Judy Small  
USA Turn Turn Turn Trad / Pete Seeger  
  Turn Ye Tae Me Trad / John Wilson  
  Turtle Dove Trad  
  Twa Brithers Trad  
  Twa Corbies Alex Campbell / Trad  
  Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin Trad  
Scotland Twa Recruitin' Sergeants Trad  
  Twa Sisters Trad  
  Twang Man Trad  
  Twanky-Dillo Trad  
Scotland Twelve And A Tanner A Bottle MacKenzie / Will Fyffe  
Scotland Twenty Years Ago Eric Bogle  
  Twenty-Five Years On The Road Harvey Andrews  
english  Twenty-Third Of March Trad  
english  Twice Daily Adge Cutler  
  Twin-Towered Stand Adam McNaughtan  
  Two Magicians Trad  
  Two Young Brethren ??? Trad  
  Ty Bach Twt Trad  

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Thomas of Winesbury
Three Maidens a-Milking
The Trooper and the Maid
The Trooper Cut Down
The Trumpeter of Fyvie
Turtle Dove

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