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The Fox And The Hare

  • (Trad)

    The fox and the hare and the badger and the bear
    The birds in the greenwood tree
    All the pretty little rabbits, so engaging in their habits
    And they all having mates but me

    Good Christians all both great and small
    All you that feel inclined
    Your care bestowed on a fellow full of gold
    I'm almost out of my mind
    The wives I had they're all gone and dead
    My love has laboured in vain
    I have married, I have buried, and very nearly married
    And I'm sick from wives in the brain

    Now the first on my page was the little Sally Sage
    She once was a ladies' maid
    And she ran away one very dark day
    Wi' the fellow with the whitefish tray
    The next she was a hook she was a beauty and a cook
    And I'll tell you the reason why
    On her back she had a hump, on her leg she had a stump
    She had a little squint in the eye

    The next she was a charm, a little girl with a farm
    Well versed in harrows and ploughs
    She gathered a rig of lots of little pigs
    She squeezed new milk from the cows
    She was sixteen stone all muscle and bone
    She looked with an awful sneer
    Alas! she would be mine but she fell into decline
    She swallowed up a mouse in her beer

    The next one that came was a bright and jolly dame
    With a purse as long as my arm
    It was full of yellow gold, a beauty to behold
    For the heart of a miser's charm
    Her only sin was a love for gin
    It brought our hopes to wreck
    For she slipped on her heel on a piece of orange peel
    Fell down and she broke her neck

    To add to my score I had half a dozen more
    My list goes a long ways round
    Some crossed o'er the sea for a better chap than me
    While more of 'em were hanged and drowned
    The last one I had through drink she went mad
    In vain I tried to stop her
    Sorrow was my tale, I discovered one day
    She was slowly boiled to death in a coffer

    As sung by Jimmy Crowley

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] On first hearing it sounds harmless enough. Closer study discovers misogyny and murder most airy! John O'Connell from Baile Mhuirne, Co. Cork gave me the song, originally an English folk song and published in The Oxford Book of Traditional Verse. (Jimmy Crowley, notes 'Uncorked!')

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