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Some Hae Meat

  • (Robert Burns / Ian Walker)

    Some hae meat and cannae eat
    Some would eat that want it
    But we hae meat and we can eat
    Sae let the Lord be thankit

    From my armchair window on this world
    Before my eyes appearing
    Foods for breakfasts, dinners, teas
    For in between meals feeding

    From my armchair window on this world
    I see butter mountains rising
    And fish thrown back into the sea
    And leaders compromising

    And then I see one bowl of rice
    A child's eye staring at me
    With feeble bones life never owned
    Reaching out to touch me

    Just down the road a million miles
    Our children they are crying
    Too weak to eat they've got no meat
    They spend their living dying

    (as sung by Ian Walker)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] [In June, 1794, Burns and his neighbour John Syme] visited the Earl of Selkirk at St. Mary's Isle [...]. The Earl's daughter Lady Mary Douglas lent the bard her copy of 'Orpheus Caledonius'; while he composed the Selkirk grace:
      Some have meat and cannot eat,
      Some can not eat that want it:
      But we have meat and we can eat,
      Sae let the Lord be thankit. (Grimble, Robert Burns 118)

  • [1987:] The 'Selkirk Grace' of Robert Burns forms the chorus to this song which was written in 1983 after I learned that billions of pounds are spent each year in Britain to advertise food; sums of money far greater than the food budgets for many poorer countries. (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')

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