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The Silver Darlin's

  • (Brian McNeill / Dougie Pincock)

    Between the beggar's mantle and the lights o Peterhead
    The fisher lads were heroes and the herring was the creed
    The herring paid the factor, the herring fed the weans
    But now the herring's gone and the fishing's no the same

    The likes o me was put to sea as soon as I could stand
    Tae catch the silver darlin's for the folk upon the land
    With half a mile o net between the bottom and the keel
    And half a score o years between the cradle and the creel

    And amang the rigs o barley, amang the rigs o rye
    Amang the rigging o the masts all dark against the sky
    But the lads that used to work them all, they've gone for better pay
    And the rigs that work the oil are all the rigs you'll see the day

    So dinna blame the fisher folk for taking tae the oil
    For if they couldna find the fish, they'd nothing for their toil
    And there's still as many families and as many mouths to feed
    Between the beggar's mantle and the lights o Peterhead

    (as sung by The Battlefield Band)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1960:] 350 years ago [Fife] was described by King James VI as 'a beggar's mantle with a fringe of gold' indicating that at that period prosperity was confined to the fertile stretches round the coast. (Earl of Elgin, quoted in Weekly Scotsman, Apr 14)

  • [1988:] This song was written for the film series about the National Trust for Scotland by Brian and Dougie. It chronicles the fishing industry of the East coast of Scotland - its methods and traditions - as does the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther Harbour. (Battlefield Band Songbook 121)

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