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Busk And Go (Cuttie's Wedding)

  • Trad

    Busk and go, busk and go
    Busk and go tae Cuttie's weddin'
    Fa's the lassie and the lad
    That widnae gang if they were bidden

    Cuttie he's a lang man, o he'll tak' hissel' a wife
    Gin he tak's on tae the toonlan' - gin she takes on her fikie-fikie

    Cuttie he cam' here yestreen, Cuttie he fell o'er the midden
    He wat his hose an' tint his sheen courtin' at a cankered maiden

    As sung by Jeannie Robertson

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1984:] First printed in Peter Buchan's collection of 1828, this spritely ditty was composed (according to Buchan) for a penny (or "siller") wedding held in Drumlithie, in the parish of St. Fergus around 1770. Cuttie (Shorty) was the nickname of the bridegroom, who was a local fisherman. (Hamish Henderson, notes Jeannie Robertson, 'Up the Dee and Doon the Don')

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