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Bonnie Glenshee

  • (Trad)

    Busk, busk, bonnie lassie
    And come awa wi' me
    And I'll take ye tae Glen Isla
    Near bonnie Glen Shee

    Dae ye see yon shepherds
    As they gae alang
    Their plaidies pu'ed aboot them
    As their sheep they lead on

    Dae ye see yon braw soldiers
    Mairchin' fu' strang
    Wi' their guns on their shoulders
    Their broadswords doon hang

    Dae ye see on yon high hills
    A' covered with snaw
    They hae pairted mony a true love
    And they'll soon pairt us twa

    (busk - make ready)

    (as sung by Alex Campbell)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] North of Blairgowrie and Alyth rise the Grampians, a convenient refuge for Jacobite armies in retreat, and for eloping lovers. The chorus of this marvellous song links it with the Braes o' Balquhidder and with many similar songs of love triumphant among the hills and braes. Greig printed a version called Oh, No No (FSNE CVII), but it lacks this evocative chorus, much to its disadvantage. The opening of the tune and that of the pipe march The Bloody Fields of Flanders are virtually identical. (Hamish Henderson, notes 'The Stewarts of Blair')

  • [1977:] Learnt from Rod Sinclair, though I believe I first heard it sung by Belle Stewart. From the North East of Scotland, it is a lovely song for the later part of the evening in the folk club. (Notes Alex Campbell, 'Traditional Ballads of Scotland')

  • [1984:] Has become one of the most popular items in the Scottish folk revival; it is sometimes used as a parting song. It is related to a song in Gavin Greig's Folk-Song of the North-East ("Oh No No", Article CV 11), but that song lacks the beautiful chorus of Jeannie's. The strange nostalgic words and the superb melody together combine to evoke the atmosphere of the lonely Angus braes. (Hamish Henderson, notes Jeannie Robertson 'Up the Dee and Doon the Don')

  • [1986:] Over the years we have recorded this piece from several Scots Travellers and in each case the air and text have been identical [...] (MacColl/Seeger, Doomsday 207)

  • [2003] Robert Carr wrote:
    These are the words I grew up with - in Scotland

    Bonnie Glenshee

    O dae ye see yon high hills 
    A' covered wi snaw 
    They hae pairted monys the true love 
    An' they'll soon pairt us twa. 
    Busk busk bonnie lassie 
    An' come awa wi' me 
    An' I'll tak ye tae Glen Isla 
    Near Bonnie Glenshee. 
    O dae ye see yon shepherd 
    As he walks along 
    Wi his plaidie buckled roon' him 
    As his sheep he chases on. 
    O dae ye see yon sodgers 
    As they march along 
    Wi their muskets on their shoulders 
    An' their broadswords hangin' doon. 
    O dae ye see yon high hills 
    A' covered wi snaw 
    They hae pairted monys the true love 
    An' they'll soon pairt us twa. 

    Thank you !

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