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Age Of Uncertainty

  • (Tommy Sands)
  • But in the age of uncertainty
    Freedom doesn't set you free
    Feeling doesn't feel the same
    And I think of you and me again

    I still can hear the master saying, singing two and two are four
    Walking up and walking down and walking round the floor
    And that was in the good old days when poetry did rhyme
    And we couldn't wait for three o'clock and the freedom bells to chime

    And someone, surely, somewhere, somehow can recall the time
    When people didn't lock their doors to strangers in the night time
    And we were neighbours' children then and dancers danced in time
    And we couldn't wait for twelve o'clock till our parents said good night

    There was comfort in the garden, in the apple blossom time
    The golden book was black and white, it kept us all in line
    But when the walls come tumbling down like castles made of sand
    It's time that we were going back to where it all began

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] "Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, Reaching for apples, searching for freedom." (Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

  • [1996:] Another of his songs from the album ['The Heart's A Wonder'], "The Age of Uncertainty," makes it clear how far we still have to go to get back to simpler days of peace, like the peace, however fleeting, that the Sands family enjoyed as children (Sing Out! Magazine, vol 36 #3, Nov/Dec 1991, updated in January 1996)

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Age Of Uncertainty

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