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The Busker

  • Words & music Brian McNeill

    It dances through the tunnels of the city
    On the echoes o' the concrete and the steel
    Noo you think you're homeward bound - sir, you're following the sound
    And you're walking tae the rhythm o' the reel

    You listen to the voices as you watch him
    He's a thief, he's a beggar, he's a lie
    But he's playing tae the spin o' the siller linking in
    And he never hears the voices passing by

    He's a half-finished heart who's beating out o' time
    He's a loser wi' nothing left to lose
    Will he find the way back home or will he take the road again
    Will the Devil's only daughter ever let the busker choose

    First you try to buy him with your pity
    Here's a shilling, man, tae buy yourself a dram
    But when he looks you in the eye you know your charity's a lie
    For your pity, sir, he does not give a damn

    For it's the fiddle o' the man who drives the bargain
    It's the bonnie wooden witch who calls the tune
    And if you fall beneath her spell, sir, you've spent your shilling well
    And you can listen till the rising o' the moon

    He's a half-finished hero who's frightened of the dark
    He's a fighter who never wants to fight
    He's the blindest of the blind but if he ever finds his eyes
    Will the Devil's only daughter let the busker see the light

    And when he plays the Wind will shake the Barley
    And the Nightingale will sing to Reynardine
    And the Spey will be in Spate for Miss MacLeod and Bonnie Kate
    When they're dancing wi' the Navvy on the Line

    He's a half-finished song who's looking for a tune
    He's a riddle who's waiting for the rhyme
    And if your heart knows the answer then perhaps you'll understand
    Why the Devil's only daughter makes the busker walk the line

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • See also the novel 'The Busker' by Brian McNeill

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