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Broadside Man

  • (John Conolly / Bill Meek)

    Come and buy, come and buy, be you poor or gentry
    Gather round the broadside man and lay your money down
    We have ballads long and short and the best of every sort
    For a single paltry penny all the news of London town

    There are floods in Worcester town and the rain is tumbling down
    A most amazing monster has been captured in the Dee ( a river)
    Here's the bold and stirring tale of the hunting of the whale
    And the story of a parson who was pressed away to sea

    Here's the finest sheets of all fresh today from Stationer's Hall
    A newly written ballad of Lord Nelson's victory
    Here's the news from all the courts, all the cases and reports
    And the rantings of a pirate who was hanged on tyburn tree

    Here's the tale about a maid of a brisk and rambling trade
    Betraying of a tinker who was taken by her charms
    And the story of a wife, it's the truth upon my life
    Who came upon her husband rolling in the milkmaid's arms

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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