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Boothferry Bridge

  • (Harvey Andrews)

    Travelling, tired and I'm dusty
    Wind's blowing high and it's gusty
    Over Boothferry Bridge
    Boothferry Bridge
    My gateway to home again
    My gateway to home again

    I've been away such a long time
    In old towns that were not mine
    But Boothferry Bridge
    Boothferry Bridge
    It feels so fine to see you
    It feels so fine to see you

    I'll never cross you and leave again
    I'll never ever believe again
    That there's better things waiting somewhere
    That there's better things coming if I go there

    You rattle and shake to greet me
    Your rusty iron is beneath me
    Boothferry Bridge
    Boothferry Bridge
    It's so nice to say hello
    It's so nice to say hello

    Repeat 3

    Repeat 1

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1972:] A disgusting piece of rotting ironwork, no model for a romantic song, but I liked the name. Dedicated to those who get homesick for Hull. (Notes Harvey Andrews, 'Writer of Songs')

  • [1990:] I wanted to write a song about a bridge. Bridges are the perfect symbols of contact. But you can't sing names of English bridges, so I was looking for a name I could sing. And I came across Boothferry Bridge, near Hull. - The bridge itself is ugly, old and rusty. But it made a very romantic song. (Harvey Andrews, intro Kappeln, more or less)

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