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  • (Matt McGinn)

    Boomerang, boomerang
    Just send them back whaur they belang
    Alang wi' auld Adenauer, Kennedy's pal
    Signor Fanfani and Chairlie de Gaulle
    For we dinnae like gifts that go bang
    Just try one and see if I'm wrang
    The banners are wavin', wha's next for the shavin'
    So open your boom, boomerang

    Noo they say that the arms ships doon at Dunnoon
    Belang tae a big millionaire
    Well, ah hope tae hell they get oot o' there soon
    Afore we're all up in the air
    For the fella that sent them's an awfy nice chap
    He sent them out here as a gift
    For he'd heard the hotels in Dunnoon were depressed
    And he wanted tae gie them a lift

    Well there's yobs and there's mugs and there's OAS thugs
    And Nazis and Dutchmen galore
    A' fear'd frae the Reds crawlin' under their beds
    And lurkin' behind every door
    But we're no takin' orders frae Paris or Bonn
    We're no takin' orders frae Rome
    We're no goin' alang wi' that Washington gang
    We're just tellin' the nutmeg, Go home

    But you neednae suppose I'm a Communist
    Just 'cause I don't want to die
    'Cos' I think that I'm down on their little list
    For action if they should come by
    But the Russians are thousands of miles away
    And the Yankees are just up the road
    And no matter who starts it, we'll be the target
    Why don't we lighten the load

    They say that the Trident ships doon at Faslane
    Are there to protect you and me
    From strange evil forces that threaten oor land
    But they don't say just who they might be
    But Scotland's got nae need for Trident at all
    Withoot them we're a' daein' fine
    Tell Major tae stick a' his nuclear bombs
    In a place where the sun doesnae shine

    As sung by The Glasgow Eskimos

    Tune: Bless 'Em All

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