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Ballad of the Unknown Soldier

Allan Taylor

  1. Strike the flag, bring it down
    Bury it with the sad unknown

    I was running back when I heard him call, and as I turned I saw him fall
    His body froze in disbelief and fell to earth like a fallen leaf
    I laid a hand upon his brow, it felt cold and I wondered how
    He stared at me through faded eyes - so this is how a young man dies

    There's no glory when it comes to this - no friend's farewell, no final kiss
    The taste is bitter, fouls the mouth and never fades for fallen youth
    One man dies and dies of iron, it leaves me empty, just a lie
    Another number is all it means to those who watch behind the scenes

    Who lies forgotten, far away, who really died on that cold day
    Was it someone you thought you knew, was it me or was it you
    Was it me or was it you

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