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Bodenstown Churchyard

  • Thomas Davis

    In Bodenstown churchyard there lies a green grave
    And wildly around it the winter winds rave
    Small shelter is weaned from the cruel walls there
    When the storm clouds blow down on the plains of Kildare

    Once I stood on that sod that lies over Wolfe Tone
    And I thought how he perished in prison alone
    His friends unavenged and his country unfreed
    Oh pity, I thought, Is the patriot's need

    I was awakened from my dreaming by voices and tread
    Of a band who came in to the home of the dead
    There were students and peasants, the wise and the brave
    And an old man who knew him from cradle to grave

    This old man who saw I was weeping there said
    We've come for to weep where young Wolfe Tone lies laid
    We're going to build him a monument, too
    A small one yet simple for the patriot true

    My heart overflowed and I clasped his old hand
    And I blessed him and blessed everyone in the band
    "Sweet sweet 'tis to find that such things can remain
    To a man that's been long been vanquished and slain"

    In Bodenstown churchyard there lies a green grave
    And wildly around it let the winter winds rave
    Far better it suits him the wind and the gloom
    Until Ireland a nation might build him a tomb

    As sung by Finbar & Eddie Furey

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] This ballad by Thomas Davis appears many times on ballad sheets without his name, showing its continued popularity for over a century. (O Lochlainn II, 208)

    [1976:] Bodenstown is in Sallins, Co. Kildare, where Wolfe Tone is buried. Wolfe Tone was one of the leaders of the 1798 uprising, often referred to as the rebellion of the 'United Irishmen' due to the fact that Catholic and Protestant Republicans fought side by side. (Notes Finbar & Eddie Furey, 'The Farewell Album')

    [1994:] [In our youth] it was only at great outdoor gatherings - annual commemorations of Wolfe Tone at Bodenstown, for instance, or race meetings - that you would see the balladeers doing well, usually selling penny ballad sheets as well as giving their own performances. (Geraghty, Luke Kelly 32)

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