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The Boatie Rows

  • Trad

    The boatie rows, the boatie rows, the boatie rows fu' weel
    And muckle luck maintain the boat, the mackerel and the creel

    O weel may the boatie row and muckle may she speed
    Weel may the boatie row that wins oor bairnies' breid

    We dropped oor line in Largo Bay and fishes we got nine
    There's three tae boil and three tae fry and three tae bait the line

    When Sandy, Jock and Janet too are up and gotten lear
    They'll help tae gar the boatie row and lighten a' oor care

    O weel may the boatie row that fills a heavy creel
    And helps tae clad oor bairns and a' and buys oor porridge meal

    Repeat 1

    As sung by Cilla Fisher

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Quelle: Scotland

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