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Banks of Brandywine

  • (Trad)

    One morning very early all in the month of May
    As I roved out to take the air all nature it was gay
    The moon had not yet veiled her face but through the trees did shine
    As I wandered for amusement on the banks of Brandywine

    At such an early hour I was surprised to see
    A pretty maid with downcast eyes all on those banks so gay
    I modestly saluted her, she knew not my design
    I requested her sweet company on the banks of Brandywine

    She said, Young man, be civil, your company I forsake
    For in my real opinion I think you are a rake
    My love's a valiant sailor lad, and he's gone to the main
    While comfortless I'll wander on the banks of Brandywine

    I wish not to afflict your mind but rather it to ease
    That these dreadful apprehensions that's in your mind might cease
    Your love, my dear, in wedlock's bands another one has joined
    She swooned into my arms on the banks of Brandywine

    The lofty hills and craggy rocks re-echoed back her strain
    The pleasant groves and rural shades did echo to her pain
    Ho often had he promised me in Hymen's chains to join
    Now I'm a maid forsaken on the banks of Brandywine

    Oh no my dear, that ne'er shall be, behold your Henry now
    I'll clasp you to my bosom, love, I'll ne'er forget my vow
    It's now I know you're true, my dear, in Hymen's chains we'll join
    And we'll bless the happy hour we met on the banks of Brandywine

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1996:] Not used:
    Through many rough and craggy rocks, bushes and small groves
    The many lovely ancient trees their leaves were putting forth
    As I wandered up those lonely banks where murmuring streams do join
    A pretty muse it caught my view on the banks of Brandywine
    (Notes Kevin Mitchell, 'I Sang That Sweet Refrain')

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