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Beware O Take Care

  • (Trad)

    Beware, young ladies, they're fooling you,
    Trust them not, they're fooling you
    Beware, young ladies, they're fooling you,
    Beware, oh take care

    They say young men are bold and free
    Beware, oh take care
    They'll tell you they're lovers but they're liars, you see
    Beware, oh take care

    Around their necks they wear a guard
    Beware, oh take care
    But in their pocket a deck of cards
    Beware, oh take care

    They hold their hands up to their hearts
    They sigh, how they sigh
    They say they love no one but you
    They lie, how they lie

    Oh on their feet they wear fine shoes
    Beware, oh take care
    And in their pocket is a bottle of booze
    Beware, oh take care

    As sung by The Spinners

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1972:] American song. (Notes The Spinners, 'Love Is Teasing')

    [o.J.:] From the singing of Blind Alfred Reed. Reed's songs were all strongly moralistic. This one, primarily humorous today, still contains a serious warning: behind the shy giggles, young women and girls took - and take - heed. Or should. (Notes Faith Petric, 'As We Were')

  • See also Origins: Beware, Oh Take Care

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