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Bellman's Song

  • (Bill Meek)

    Ding dong the bellman's song
    Ringing loud and ringing long
    Ding dong among the throng
    The crooked streets echo the bellman's song

    Good people all come hear my bell
    Both rich and poor take warning
    I ring the Curfew and the Prime
    And mark the march of rascal time
    And sing the news in cheerful rhyme
    Around the town each morning

    The sun is up, the morning's fair
    Awake ye drowsy sleepers
    Here's judgement new on tithes and doles
    Here's news of taxes and of tolls
    The price of turf and the price of coal
    And farmers needing reapers

    An ordinary will be held
    Behind the Fleece tomorrow
    With greasy pole and jingling match
    With donkey race and hogtail snatch
    And minstrels too with song and catch
    To drive away all sorrow

    Through shining noon to slumbrous night
    Across the sky comes creeping
    In mansion great or cottage small
    None dare dismiss the bellman's call
    For time makes slavies of us all
    And time is in my keeping

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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