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Beats Of The Heart

  • (Ian Walker)

    You will hear the beats of the heart
    You will hear the beats of the heart
    You will feel the beatin' of the heart
    When you let the music play

    See the dancing feet
    Kicking up the ground
    Laughing on the street
    Listen to the sound

    Night flight
    The fox is on the run
    Freedom's light
    Is rising with the sun

    Let the music play
    Hear the children sing
    The march of the drum has had its day
    Let the fiddle and the banjo ring

    Only the music
    Can talk to everyone
    Only the music
    Speaks louder than the gun

    Reach out your hand from land to land
    Join the band, get in tune and start to play

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] Music can be used to build up barriers and to break them down. This song is about breaking them down. (Notes Ian Walker, Flying High')

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