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Beans and Rice

(Bruce 'Utah' Phillips)
  • Allessandro has said he'll run to the store
    To bring back tobacco and air
    In silence we wait for the sound of the door
    The hour of curfew is near
    Outside I can hear the rattle of guns
    The rumble of trucks in the street
    Our lullaby ends, the dark hour comes
    We whisper the small ones to sleep

    In the morning I seek out the neighbours around
    I ask them but nobody knows
    Did he stop for the night with friends in the town
    The doors of our friends are all closed
    The sergeant looks up to the sound of my name
    Quickly his eyes turn away
    There's no need to answer, it's always the same
    At the edge of the town, he will say

    Like a broken toy he lies in the dirt
    And greets me with unblinking eyes
    A blood-red rose has bloomed on his shirt
    He sleeps to the music of flies
    Lost in his silence thoughtless I wait
    For an angel of Christ to appear
    My heart is closed in the black end of hate
    And hatred has stolen my tears

    A bullet can open such a small wound
    When our children are led to the wall
    The price of his life was the sun and the moon
    The price of his death so small
    And where are the bullets to buy back the dreams
    Of children who never grow old
    And why have you traded our rice and our beans
    For coffee more precious than gold

    I will return to the sergeant again
    In my manner no trace of surprise
    He will look up to the sound of my name
    To discover his death in my eyes
    My brothers and sisters all flee to the wilds
    To counsel, to nurture and learn
    And you who feast on the blood of a child
    Sleep well until we return

    (as sung by Guy & Candie Carawan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] One of the many songs now being written in the United States in solidarity with people's struggles in Central America. This one is about El Salvador. (Notes Guy & Candie Carawan, 'The Land Knows You're There')

    See also John Pilger, Heroes 451ff

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