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The Barley and the Rye

  • Trad

    It's of an old country farmer who lived in the west country
    And he had the prettiest little wife that ever you did see
    And a young man came a-courting her when the old man he wasn't nigh
    And oftimes they would take a tumble amongst the barley and the rye

    Now when the old man woke in the morning and he found himself all alone
    He looked out of the window and he spied his wife in the corn
    And the young man lay beside her, and it caused the old man to cry
    He says, Wife, wife I wonder at you for spoiling of my rye

    Oh husband, she says, oh husband, it's the like I've ne'er done before
    For if you have got one friend I have another one in store
    He's a friend, love, will not deceive you if you will him employ
    He's got money enough, love, to pay you for our barley and our rye

    As sung by Martin Carthy

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] Collected in 1927 by Moeran from the enormous repertoire of the then young Harry Cox. Short and to the point. (Notes 'Martin Carthy')

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