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Back to School again

Tommy Sands

    Back to school again, where's my coat and where's my pen
    Back to school again, and what did you put in my sandwiches

    He's gone to school Wee Hughie and sure he is onlyfour
    I saw the fright was in him when he left that door
    But he took a hand of Dinny and he took a hand of Dan
    And with Joe's old coat upon him, ach the poor wee man
    (Do the best you can)

    Well the teacher he did teach me with his teacher's rhythm stick
    Reading and writing and a-rhythm-atic
    But when it was all over, sure his final words for me
    You'll never get a job for you've got no degree
    (It's the university)

    Well I went to the University and studied Modern Art
    I picked up on Picasso and I learned to paint like mad
    But when I graduated sure the only job at hand
    Was painting a computer for a silicone man
    (What a silly man)

    Back I went to night school like a lot of silly mugs
    All infected by computery and binary and bugs
    I entrusted to a robot all the knowledge I had known
    But a dog ate the floppy disc and I was on my own
    (He thought it was a bone)

    Well the good old ten times tables sure I tried to sing once more
    I still recalled the melody but not a single word
    But at least I've got a job now and I shouldn't really fuss
    For I am the driver of the old school bus
    (I've really got it sussed)


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[1995:] My father used to say with a smile "The more you learn, the more you know, the less you know. And the less you know, the more you know, the less you learned. Therefore, why learn?" ... The best days of our lives! (Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

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