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A Wager, A Wager


A wager, a wager, a wager I will lay
I will lay you five hundred to one
That you don't follow me unto yonder blooming tree
Or a maiden you never shall return

So they both jogged along unto yonder blooming tree
The weather being fair and warm
And he became quite weary, he sat down for to rest
Then he fell fast asleep on the ground

Then nine times she walked the place all around
And nine times she walked it all around
And nine times she kissed his red and rosy cheeks
As he lay fast asleep upon the ground

Then a ring from her finger she earnestly drew
And placed it on her true love's right hand
Saying, This shall be a token for my true love when he wakes
He will find that I have been, but now I'm gone

If I had been awake, love, when I was fast asleep
Of you I would have had my will
Or you I would have killed and your blood I would have spilled
And the small birds would all have had their fill

Be cheerful, be cheerful and do not repine
For now it is as clear as the sun
The money, the money, the money is mine
The wager I fairly have won

As sung by Tim Hart & Maddy Prior



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Notes: same as Broomfield Hill


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