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  • (Trad / Dominic Behan)
  • Chorus:
    Oh have you been to Avondale
    And wandered in her lovely vale
    Where tall trees whisper low the tale
    Of Avondale's proud eagle

    Where fame and ancient glory fade
    Such was the land where he was laid
    Like Christ was thirty pieces paid
    For Avondale's proud eagle

    Long years that green and lovely vale
    Has nursed Parnell our grandest Gael
    And cursed the land that has betrayed
    Fair Avondale's proud eagle

As sung by Mick Moloney


  • english [1979:] Charles Stewart Parnell was born in Avondale House, a comfortable country mansion in Co. Wicklow. (Loesberg II, 66)

  • english [1996:] Ireland is a country where Catholic bishops have wielded real power. [...] The 'belt of the crozier' was a blow before which politicians traditionally cringed. It was instrumental in bringing down Parnell and in distorting the country's constitution [...]. (John Naughton, Observer, 22 Sep)

  • english [2002:] The tune [The Orange Maid of Sligo] was later adapted by Dominic Behan for his tribute to Charles Stewart Parnell, Avondale.

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