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Autumn Is Knocking At Our Door

  • words & music: Colin Wilkie
    published by: Hammer Musik

    Autumn is knocking at our door, my love,
    Summer will never return,
    We've left spring behind in the mazes of our minds,
    Swiftly seasons silently slip by.

    I remember the first time I held you in my arms,
    The sweet bells of London seemed to ring,
    Your eyes were as bright as the guardians of the night,
    Your hair was black as any raven's wing.

    ( chorus )

    We walked hand in hand across high, heathered hills,
    Together we pulled wild mountain thyme.
    Among the sweet primroses, when you and I lay down,
    The small birds kept singing all the time.

    ( chorus )

    There were days when we waited, broiling in the sun,
    While our thumbs turned a darker shade of brown.
    Or we shivered in the wind, cursed the driving rain,
    And prayed The Seven wouldn't let us down.

    ( chorus )

    I recall still the chill of an early winter's morn,
    The wood was a wonderland in white,
    And the twisting tinselled path that twined amidst the trees
    Glistered in that snowy-sunday light.

    ( chorus )

    Your eyes are just as brown as the eyes of a fawn,
    Your breast still as soft as down,
    But our sunflower seed has taken roots and grown,
    I know we've nearly sung the seasons round.
    Autumn is knocking at our door, my love.

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Quelle: Colin Wilkie

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