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Aussie Barbecue

  • Eric Bogle
  • When the steaks are burning fiercely
    When the smoke gets in your eyes
    When the snags all taste like fried toothpaste (snags - sausages)
    And your mouth is full of flies
    It's a national institution
    It's Australian through and through
    So come on mate and grab your plate
    Let's have a barbecue

    When the summer sun is shining on Australia's happy land
    Round countless fires in strange attires you'll see many solemn bands
    Of glum Australians watching their lunch go up in flames
    By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell that it's barby time again

    The Scots eat lots of haggis, the French eat snails and frogs
    The Greeks go crackers over their moussakas and the Chinese love hot dogs
    Welshmen love to have a leek, the Irish like their stew
    But you just can't beat that half-cooked meat at an Aussie barbecue

    There's flies stuck to the margarine, the bread has gone rock-hard
    The kids are fighting and the mossies* are biting, who forgot the Aerogard**
    There's bull ants in the Esky and the beer is running out (Esky - portable ice-box)
    And what you saw in Mum's coleslaw you just don't think about

    And when the barby's over and your homeward way you wend
    With a queasy tummy on the family dunny many lonely hours you spend (dunny - toilet)
    You might find yourself reflecting, like many often do
    Come rain or shine that's the bloody last time that you'll have a barbecue

*mossies - mosquitoes ** Aerogard - insect repellent

Tune: Kelty Clippie

Quelle: Australia

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