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Auntie Maggie's Remedy

  • (George Formby / Eddie Latta)

    It's my Auntie Maggie's home-made remedy
    Guaranteed never to fail
    That's the stuff that will do the trick
    Sold at every chemist's for one-and-a-kick
    If you've got lumbago, rheumatics or gout
    Or a pain in your Robert E. Lee
    Don't kick up a shindy
    You'll never get windy
    With Auntie Maggie's remedy

    There's all sorts of medicines that you can buy
    No matter what ailment you've got
    I know a special one you ought to try
    You'll find it's the best of the lot

    I went to the doctor, I wasn't too well
    He made me lie on the settee
    He said, Trouble's brewing - you've been overdoing
    Your Auntie Maggie's remedy
    When the baby starts crying and there isn't a reason
    If you inspect him you'll see
    The poor little chappie has covered his nappie
    With Auntie Maggie's remedy

    To a young lady's bedroom I went by mistake
    My intentions were honest, you see
    She burst out with laughter, I know what you're after
    It's my Auntie Maggie's remedy
    Now I know a girl, and she's putting on weight
    In a place where she oughtn't to be
    So I said to Nellie, You'd better rub your - ankle
    With Auntie Maggie's remedy

    (as sung by The Spinners)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1974:] This song has long been part of the folk repertoire of Merseyside, from the time Formby sang it in the film 'Turned Out Nice Again'. (Notes 'The Spinners At the London Palladium')

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