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A Think You're Great

(Peter Nardini)

    I love the way you wash my shirts
    I love the way you drive me nuts
    I love the way you burn my toast
    I don't mind the time that's lost
    Even though you're always late
    A think you're great

    Sometimes I have the notion to
    Sing all night and sleep all day
    Or else I'm in a rotten mood
    I sit around the house and brood
    I'm amazed at what you tolerate
    A think you're great

    There are other girls out in the street
    And some of them are pretty neat
    But you've no need to worry then
    'Cause I've no time for any of them
    Don't get yourself all in a state
    A think you're great

    You'll never be a beauty queen
    You're slightly more than seventeen
    You're not exactly skin and bone
    It wouldn't hurt to lose a stone
    But even though you're overweight
    A think you're great

    I go into a gallery
    And see the paintings on display
    To understand a work of art
    I have to open up my heart
    Some I don't appreciate
    A think you're great

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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