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As Usual

  • Murphy / Zanetis
  • I woke up with an aching head - as usual
    I can't remember going to bed - as usual
    My stomach's feeling mighty queer
    It must have been the heavy beer
    Nothing in my mind is clear - as usual

    I sucked the drink up like a hoover - as usual
    VP wine and paint remover - as usual
    Somewhere deep inside my brain
    I seem to hear a diesel train
    I promise not to drink again - as usual

    And then I woke up in the park - as usual
    I must have crawled there after dark - as usual
    I'll have to see how much I've got
    Jesus Christ, I drank the lot
    I must have been a drunken sod - as usual

(as sung by Hamish Imlach)

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