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Apprentice's song

  • Ian Campbell
  • Come on, lad, and bring your tool bag
    Keep your eyes peeled, use your head
    Check your footprints, spanners, chisels
    From now on they'll earn your bread
    Keep your eye on the older fitters
    They're the boys who know their stuff
    One day you will do their job
    If you're smart and keen enough

    Come on, lads, and take your place
    Among the men who serve your trade
    Scalers, cokers, valvesmen, stokers
    This is where the gas is made
    Keep your eye on the old fairweather
    Gauge your gas, you're on the town
    Turn it out bang on four fifty
    Or you'll let the housewife down

    Come on, mate, and mind your setting
    B-range is the one to watch
    Number three is due for scaling
    See she don't get too much ash
    Mind your eye with that red hot poker
    Read your heat and see it's right
    Leave your range in decent order
    For the lads on shift tonight

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  •  [1964:] Ian wrote this for an experimental stage production "The maker and his tool", put on by Charles Parker, producer of the celebrated radio ballads. The song concerns the gas industry, and the technical terms were gleaned from interviews with men from Saltley gasworks, Birmingham. (Notes 'Presenting the Ian Campbell Folk Group')

  •  [1968:] Not every modern composition masquerading under the 'folk' label is in fact within the boundaries of the folk idiom and tradition. Here undoubtedly is an exception, Ian Campbell's delightful song about the first working days of the apprentice fitter in the gasworks. (Notes 'The Johnstons')

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